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Photo TR: Rye Playland

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Hey kids! Welcome to Rye Playland! This is a tutorial and tour of what Rye Playland has to offer, so your visit can be great and entertaining! It can be a little confusing, so hold on tight and get read for the ride!


For the history of Rye Playland, go here: http://www.ryeplayland.org/History/default.htm


Now, are you ready? Let's go!


BEWARE OF THE BATHROOMS!!! On that note, have a great day!


Time is running short, and you guys need to get out there and have some fun, so I have one more suggestion... get on this beautiful carousel! And aside from that, I have one more word of advice...


For your resting pleasure, there are benches located all around the park. Even skinny people can sit on them, I swear. Although, there aren't any around, but I promise they can!


...and the Playland Plunge!


On a hot day like tihs, it is keen to hit up the log flume...


Oh my! It seems that we have come across the most popular attraction in the park... the lion water fountain! Hmmm.... I don't see that on map... they should start charging "points" for it. Anyway, moving on...


Now this is the Kiddie Coaster. Sorry, no adults allowed. See, I knew what you were thinking. (;


Some will argue that it is the Derby Racer, which is a must ride on any trip to Playland!


Welcome to The Whip, the best flat ride in the park, at least in the opinion of this tour guide.


And this is the trim free Crazy Mouse. Hold on tight!


This is SuperFlight!


Uh oh, it looks like those damn UK Trip credit whores were here. Let's move along now children.


YAY! This is a Willis friendly park... uh hem, excuse me, sorry, back to the tour.


Here at Rye Playland we offer service with a smile!


Now, here is the trick, you can't ride any ride without putting your card or your wristband under this scanner. No click click without a beep beep.


Welcome to Dragon Coaster! This is a classic wooden coaster!


And there is one over there. Nathan's is everywhere! AHHHHH!


I spy a Nathan's here.


To your right is a Nathan's hotdogs. Now don't get scared. You don't have to come all the way back here to get a hotdog if you want, because...


Now don't forget to pick up a park map, because here we go! Let's see what this place has to offer!


If you go the card route, you can replenish your "points" at one of these nifty little shacks. Just remember, exact change please!


Ok, first things first. You can either get a wrist band that is good for 6 hours or get a card that gets you "points". All rides are worth designated "points". With the wristband, you don't have to worry about points.


No silly! We are in Rye Playland of course. Here is the front gate, let's go!


Ok kids, here's our first quiz of the day! Where are we? Are we in A. Mexico City or B. Rye Playland?


you can still take pictures through the glass with a reflection of yourself in it. It makes it look just like you are in there with it anyway!


We have come up to the museum! Um, well, the door seems to be locked for some reason, but...




And make sure, if you want to swim, to only go into the water when the green flag is up.


Be sure to admire the sites and smells of Long Island Sound while on the boardwalk!


I suggest taking a walk down the boardwalk! It's no Jersey shore, but it will do!


Ok, so, first things first. You pay your parking fee and you park!

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Nice PTR. Yes, Playland is a strange sort of park, and the derby racer is one of the "must sees", though all the darkrides are really cool too. I'm looking forward to returning here in another 2 months, as I haven't been there with the wristbands yet.

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Oh man, Playlands Whip is AMAZING.. I thought Knoebels was the best a Whip could get.. man I was so wrong when Playlands cranked up to at least double the speed of Knoebels. Rye is an amazing park, that certainly doesn't get enough credit in enthusiast circles.

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Cool... I usually go to Playland when I'm in NY, and this is a pretty good representation of it. I find it a good place to go if you wanna hang out for a couple hours, because it's not pay-to-be-there, it's pay-per-ride...


Unfortunately, the only coaster there that I actually like is Dragon Coaster... Superflight hurts, and I'm not the biggest fan of Crazy Mouse (or any wild mouse ride for that matter)...

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because it's not pay-to-be-there, it's pay-per-ride...

Last year they started a pass thing where you can pay for a card that works for 6 hours.


Actually, it's a wristband that is good for 6 hours. The cards are the things with the points on them.


- I too believe that Knoebels whip is very below average and very boring. If you want another good whip, but no where near as good as this one at Playland, go to Dorney (it's one of the who historical things that they have left there).


-- And I was totally going for the Zoltan thing with that pick. Nice catch!

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Haha. That's cool. I should have done that, but I settled on a 1/2 price Playland hoodie at the beach shop for $12.00. Hopefully it doesn't fall apart the first time I wear it. I'm just banking on the fact that it was half price because it is late July.

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They had hoodies? When I went last they have T-Shirts they made in front of you. It was like a iron-on thing and you picked the color and size you want.. And they just put this big sticker on.


Maybe that was the place in the park? I just hit up the little shop out on the boardwalk. The place didn't have much, but they did have a 50% off rack.

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Wow! Playland has changed a lot since I was there 8 years ago.

These traditional parks are great, though, aren't they? I think we should start a national "Visit a non corporate run theme park" day...

Anyways. Why should we be afraid of the bathrooms? For whatever reason, I have a bathroom at Playland in my memory. It was ginormous and had like 24 urinals and I remember thinking, "Is this the only bathroom in the whole park, or why is it so big?" Do you know which one I'm talking about, or am I confused?

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Whip noob? That's the first and last time I will probably ever hear that combination of words... Ah, life is too short.


I can't believe I haven't been to Rye Playland yet. Once my body recovers from PCW's Volare maybe I'll go check it out.



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I like traditional parks mainly because there becoming extinct


I wish it still had airplane



I think everybody wishes they still had the Aeroplane Coaster. I would give my right middle finger (not my right testicle, I would miss it too much) to ride the coaster when it was nice and new back in the 20s. Anyway, I love Playland. I got one of those iron-on shirts Canobie Fan was talking about. I think it has a pic of the Aeroplane Coaster on it. I wish I could go back there this year and get the credit I didn't get last time (SuperFlight).



Dragon Coaster ROCKS!

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