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Random Photo TR: DARTS!!!

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Ok, so with Robb on another continent, Joey agreed to come over and keep my company. Within minutes we found that the World Series of Darts was on ESPN!!! How awesome can this be...well, it was so great that we got inspired. We called up some more friends and were ready to start our own Tournament!


Here are the photos!


Download this video to see how much Dan sucks at Darts...it's awesome!


Finally, we paid tribute to our Aussie A$$hole buddies.


Thanks for reading!


And we brought a SFMM employee over!


So what else, we decided to put in porn in the background! Wow, Wes is getting friendly with that chick!


Ok, so time to start the 2nd Leg...by now we had gotten kind of board though so we had to think of ways to 'spice up' darts...


I totally won!!! And if you know how real darts is played, just being able to finish is really hard!!!


That might not look like good throwing dart form but...


Wes shows how awesome he is, Left Handed!!


He does much better when he starts using his personal stash of darts!


No wonder Dan sucked at darts (make sure to download the video below!). He throws the dart and it's instantly 2 feet above his hand!


Wes finishes assembling his darts.


So now we're finally ready to get started. Jeff would be proud of our Priority Mail Dart Board!


So we walk over to Big 5 and make Joey buy us a dartboard! (While we continue to harass him of course!)


Um hello..do you have dartboards? NO!



Although his version was actually much funnier!


Wes LOVES this movie.


Now it's time to get down to business, so we need a Dart Board and Darts! First though, we harassed Joey.


There was so much food, even Dan couldn't finish it all!


Great Italian place on Lyons if anyone is interested!


So next we were off for some food, because, well, you can't play darts on an empty stomach. Notice Wes driving us in true style!


Another happy model!


Hmmm, Sanitation Engineer, I wonder what that means he does for a living!!!


Look how happy she looks to be making $8/hour being a Dart Model!


The Dart Word of the Day was 'Madhouse'!!!

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I'm curious what his shirt said on the front. Did it actually say "Fucla"? Is that in reference to F** LA? or a moniker against UCLA?


Darts are a BIG thing in Hawaii (for some reason). There are even contests to win food/beer, sushi/food and so on. You would figure betweeen the bars/beer drinking, Karaoke, sushi-eating and dart-playing that there is some sort-of weird combination to all of that. It looks like a fun way to kill the day at least. I would bet the heat was another reason to keep all activities indoors (a/c).

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He kind of went insane after Arrested Development was cancelled and chewed off his leg at the ankle. It's not pretty, but he was really upset. Plus he has a cool scar to show all the chicks.


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I used to date a professional dart player. Let the harassment commence! It didn't last very long, but he did manage to win me anything I wanted from theme park dart games!




Please say it was "Power." Any dart player with his nickname tatooed on his arm is awesome in my book.

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