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Best Themed Queue Line

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What do you think is the best themed que you've been in...here's mine


1. Revenge of the Mummy Florida

2. Dueling Dragons

3. Mr Freeze (SFoT)

4. Spider-Man

5. Space Mountain

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^Yuck...BTR over Indy? Blashpemy. Batman sucks.



Of what I've been on...


-Indiana Jones Adventure

-Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

-Revenge of the Mummy: USH

-Grizzly River Rapids

-Roger Rabbits Cartoon Spin


I think theres a difference between themeing and scenery...but thats just me.



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Of those I can remember what was like:


1. I Corsari (Gardaland)

2. Batman la Fuga

3. Coaster Express

4. Superman la Attracion de Acero


I cant think of any other rides I have been on with themed queue lines....

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1. Poseidon - Europa Park

2. Atlantica Supersplash - Europa Park

3. Silver Star - Europa Park

4. Schweizer Bobbahn - Europa Park

5. Matterhorn Blitz - Europa Park


I think you get the message wich park has the best queus


The lines of Eurosat and Euromir are also nice, but the nice part is only very short; you mostly have to wait outside in a boring queu

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I can't decide which ones are better than the others, so this is in no particular order:


-Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Forbidden Eye (DLR)

-Roger Rabbit's Cartoon Spin (DLR)

-Haunted Mansion (DLR) the inside part

-Batman: The Ride (SFMM)

-Big Thunder Mountain Railroad (DLR)



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1.Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Forbidden Eye(DLR)


3.Big Thunder Mountain Railroad(either US park)

4.Splash Mountain(either US park)

5.Grizzly River Run(DCA)

6.Bug's White Water Rapids(SFFT)

7.Star Tours(DLR)

8.Jungle Cruise(DLR)

9.Haunted Mansion (DLR

10.Quirks In the Works(Galaxyland)

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1. The Indiana Jones Adventure - DL


2. Pirates of The Caribbean - DLParis


3. Expedition: Everest - DAK


4. The Vampire - Chessington World of Adventures, England


5. Any Haunted Mansion - all the Disney Magic Kingdom parks

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