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Who do you know at parks?

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So I was just thinking about last summer. I had gotten a Knott's pass because I was promised that if I could wait 3 months, I could have a Disneyland pass, too. Well, throughout the summer, I went to Knott's a lot. I mean like, 3-4 times a week. And I got to know people. So many, actually, that they let me and my friends do a lot of what we were'nt supposed to. I.E., getting us on Perilous Punge, Ghostrider, Revolution and Xcelerator without waiting. We also got free stuff from the game booths, I.E. Donkeys, monkies, Care bears, Caterpillars, dogs, SpongeBobs, and Paricks. Fun summer. Anyway, I was wondering if anybody knows people at theme parks and/or gets free stuff.


Jimmy"Knows waaaaay too many people at Knott's"Ford[/img]

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Few, thanks for talking about how often you visit a park. Well, I'm glad I'm not the only one: at Grand Floridian and Contemporary the guards know me a little too well.


Is it bad when you know when they've hired on a new monorail driver?


Jose "I'm a WDW-aholic" Eber

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I don't really have the time or money (parking and gas takes its toll over time) to visit a park that much. Plus, I would probably just save the money that I was spending on going to the same park all the time so that I could go to a new park far away. That's cool that you guys have gotten to know a lot of people benefited from it.

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I knew so many people at SFWoA because I went there about 30 times early in the season that when they were running low on employees and had a "bring a friend to work and operate coasters without training day" they immediately thought of me. I worked there for 3 months after that. I still know all those ride ops and it was an awesome experience.

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I did develop a friendship of the ride-ops for Skycoaster for the 2003 season. Since that was the season I visited the park like 12 times and rode Skycoaster every time (except for one downtime day) I got along really well with the ride-ops. They even gave up on giving me directions, they would be like, "ok now put your hands together like your diving into the suit and......you're already in it...." One Ride-Op I really liked she didn't return for the 2004 season but I made sure to ride skycoaster when I came down to CT during Columbus Day break during my first year of college.


Oh man, this makes me miss SFNE more, I want to go to opening day now but I'm broke.


My Favorite Ride-Op in SFNE.

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