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New shuttle coaster for Conny Land for 2007

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Hmmm. I'm trying to read the Alveys...this ride is now featured on the home page...and they are encouraging feedback as well as post a lot on this tread themselves. Is it just because of how "freak" of a ride it is...or could it be...they are evaluating the ride and park for the 2010 Europe trip as a BONUS CREDIT!? It isn't that far from Europa.


On top of that, there is this statement in the trip flyer "(Additional parks are being considered based on final itinerary and any new

for 2010 offerings)"


I hope its the later of those two... That ride alone may make me come along!


Kyle "please say it's so" Olson

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I've been there last week to take some pictures (posted them already on onride.de). The coaster looks noticeably better and more stable than when I saw it in march. Since then the unfitting supports have been repaired (not replaced) and the rest of the coaster is now in place (loop, end spike).

Unfortunately the older supports - that have been in place for less than one year - started to rust and have to be worked on.


Small coaster in a small park.



The best shot of the end spike I have.




Brand new rusty coaster.


One of the fixed supports.



Coaster = entrance gate to the parking lot.


What you can see through the fences.

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^^You never know...


Man, you guys are like that Deeds butler...Sneaky sneaky...but Ive got you figured! You guys may be the first major coaster organization to go!


Oh i do not want to ride this. It looks not sturdy and also in the video it looks like it hits the bumper and the end of the track and then rolls backwards eek! Then when it is comin back into the station it looks like a very abrupt and painfull stop ouch!




Don't worry too much about the brakes. "mikeConnyland" replied (in German) to a response (in German) about the brakes posted on youtube. If you use Google Translate, or search translate on Yahoo. you can copy each comment and paste it to translate what people are saying in different languages. He said the brakes have all be adjusted. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e-oGSX0AoRc)



What keeps it from flying off that end spike?


GOOD QUESTION! Me and Devious have been debating that for 24 hours! Check out pages 12 & 13. I think the new awesome pictures posted by Stinker make me feel even more nervous about the end spike...I hope thats just angle, but that reverse spike in the first picture looks even shorter in comparison to the first spike than any other pictures I've seen I think.


Stinker! Those are awesome pictures. Thanks for posting. Hard to believe that the ride looks safer to you now than it had before...and it still looks unsafe! LOL.

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What boggles my mind is why wouldn't they have installed an evac between the loop and inverted spike if in case something happens and it needs to valley there.


If it valleys there, manual restraint releases and a lift will do wonders


New pics are awesome

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I love Pax...They've made so many crazy-awesome coasters like the wild train and their crazy wild mouse, and now this? Verticle pullback, airtime(?) hills, a loop, and a crazy inverted hang time reversal point...It looked awesome enough on paper, but now that I've seen the animation it looks the the most epic shuttle EVER! Pax makes me happy. I really wsish we had one of these in the states....

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