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Photo TR: Theme Park Review goes to COMIC CON!!!!

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So I went to Comic Con in San Diego this weekend. For those of you who don't know (and knowing this crowd I'm sure ALL of you know) that Comic Con is the annual convention for people who are into all sorts of geeky stuff. Toys, comics, movies, dressing up like a Vulcan, etc...I saw some REALLY "interesting" stuff and a few AWESOME moments which we'll call my "top 3 favorite moments" of Comic Con (see the last few photos of the update below)


I think the photos tell the whole story....


And my FAVORITE MOMENT of the show.....

"Princess Leia Buys A Pretzel!"

I really don't know why....but I just found this REALLY funny! "Luke, do you have $2? Crap...hang on...let me put down my blaster while I get my pretzel...."


Favorite Moment #2.

Dude...it's "Porno Batman!!!"


Favorite Moment #3.

BEST COSTUME AWARD!!! It's "Priority Mail Box Samurai" sword master and "Pinata Cat Head and plaid pants" dude! Most awesomly ghetto costumes I saw all day! LMAO!!!!


Counting down....

Favorite Moment #4. This totally funked up "I'm a turtle, but I'm in a skull, but I've got an RV shell on my back...." WTF?!?!? I actually almost bought it!!! =)


But damn! The food was good! =)


Ok, now onto my "Favorite moments of the show!!!"


And hopefully some people here could appreciate the beer selection! =)


It was a popular place for the demons of Hades.


Dinner was at the Gas Lamp Strip Club. I was dissapointed it wasn't really a strip club, but a clever name for a "grill your own" steak place.


Random Star Wars Jedi guy and the slightly pregnant looking Queen Something-or-another.


OMG! OMG! OMG! COMPLETE SETS!!!!! 50% off!!!


1998 Playmate model thinking.... "I'm going to be able to retire early after this show!"


"Dad, can we go home now?" "Shut up son and play with your ultra-rare, one of a kind, mint in box Vulcanus Primus toy!!!"


"Autobots...ROLL OUT!"


Oh, yeah! I probably should get at least one picture of the comic book companies! You know, being Comic Con and all! =)


Broccoli and Pikachu. It's an "Elissa Friendly" convention! =)


I had to do a double take...."Wait a second...is it REALLY them?!?! Sure looks about right!" =)


"Yes Mr. Vulcan guy, I really am the voice of It's Meeeeeeee Mario!!!"


Here I am just hanging out with stoned Brian and the creepy GIGANTIC Stewie!


When I grow up I want to be just like this cool guy.


Yay! More Theme Park stuff!!! Now this update REALLY belongs on the front page! =)


DUDE!!!! The King and Jack are Jedi's too?!?!?


Dude. DO NOT F**K WITH..... "Asian Jedi"


Samuel L. Jackson *IS* Afro Samurai. 'Nuff Said! =)


Sadly, this REALLY was the hottest chick at the show!!! *sigh*


I LOVE Transformers!!!!!


Found out where Quaker is going to school.


I stood here for about 3 minutes as heard as people walked by "Damn, she's hot..." WHAT?!?!!!!


Damn...Boba Fett really does get all the hot babe action! Maybe being a Star Wars dork isn't so bad after all! =)


...and you know, that probably wasn't the best idea! =)


So I saw all the Star Wars dorks and I was kind of making fun of them....


AHA!!!! The one photo that makes this a legitimate "coaster" update! =)


...because any poster that has people on a plane getting attacked by snakes is pretty freaking funny!


...this movie really could be pretty awesome....


Snakes on a Plane...


I don't know what this thing was, but the moment I saw it I was all "Dude, I *NEED* my picture with that thing!!!"


Here's the reason why I stopped playing DDR! ;)


"Dude...I want my Yaris painted JUST LIKE that one!!!"


Ahh, my favorite video game company was there too! =)


I'm not quite sure what these were, but I kind of felt a little dirty after taking this picture.


I almost bought these for Elissa! =)


Whatever your fetish, there's a T-Shirt for it so you can proudly display your dorkdom to the world.


"Hello there Princess....may I show you my large plumbing tool?"


This is what geeks think sex looks like! =)


LOTS of comics!!!!


And yes, of course there are comics....


"Fantasy" people fit in well here too....


Whatever you're geekish about, it can be found at Comic Con! There were plenty of "Wow" players...


Security was beefed up around the place. (Why don't they have these guys at the airports???)


So here we are at Comic Con in San Diego where all the geeks unite!

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I really can't admit to going to comic cons or else that would make my geek meter rise. Let's just say I might or might not have been to one of these. But that's top secret info. See!!!


Actually I only go to the Charlotte "Heroes Con" which is supposed to be one of the biggest in the country (hmmmm...) about every four years.


Ours is not nearly as cool looking as the one you went to. Thanks for the pics and the laughs. Awesome TR as always.

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Damn, wish i coulda gone this year.... my friends from Blue Blood have a booth there and it prolly woulda been a blast...


oh wel... i probably would have been at the blizzard booth all weekend anyway... at leat until they tried to get between me and the WoW expansion demos and make me leave... then i would have started hissing and biting... next thing you know, its another few months in the happy place.


theres always DragonCon

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Wow, I would have bought that turtle thing the second I saw it! Nice update, I feel bad for that playboy model. She must have been pretty desperate if she had to do ComiCon. But anyways, did you stop by the Adult Swim booth by any chance? I think a few people (Seth Green included) were going to be there.


Colin C

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No, I didn't have time to go to the Adult Swim or Lost booth. My time there was actually kind of limited because I actually did have "work" to do! Those photos were all pretty much taken during about a 90 minute quick walk around the show floor in between meetings. And I was only there the one day too.


But I saw enough!



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Holy crap! From now on, I will be limiting my time on the internet to 30 minutes or less a day! The internet can be sooooo dangerous what it can do to you. I guess it's good I didn't know what the Comic Con was.


Nice TR, it had me laughing the whole time!!

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You DIDNT stop at the [Adult Swim] booth. Sacrilegious



Thanks for the pics and report Robb.



No, I didn't have time to go to the Adult Swim or Lost booth. My time there was actually kind of limited because I actually did have "work" to do! Those photos were all pretty much taken during about a 90 minute quick walk around the show floor in between meetings. And I was only there the one day too.


But I saw enough!



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