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A look back at Whalom Park - Photo TR

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Ok so MA had a park up until 2000 called Whalom Park.. Yeah

The place wasnt very big and didnt have much at it but it was still a nice place to spend a few hours... Even if Robb says it was ghetto..

Flyer Comet was a really good coaster and had one of the best tunnels I have ever been in. And the park also had some kickass old school flatrides... A bouncer, Rock N Roll (looper), Flying Scooters, a Fly-O-Plane, Whip, and a few other rides... well yeah.. A few says ago Robb had IM'd me and someone Whalom came up and I said I could do a "whats left" TR.. So here it is...


Disclaimer ALL photos from inside the park were OK'D by the park sitter.(Yes even the ones from on Flyer Comet..) I did not jump any fences or break ANY rules... So I dont need any posts saying "You broke'd t9h lawz" as I didnt.

I have been up to Whalom many times in the last few years to see whats been going on. I have been let inside the park a good 6 times now... And the park is Police'd so if you try and just go in.. You will get caught...

Anyways... On to the photos.


Kiddie land use to be here -


I guess someone wanted some candy -


Top of the waterslide tower -


The waterslide tower after the slides were removed -


Random football game -


Car from the "Bouncer" ride (also goes by tiptop or Bubble Up) -


A view from inside Flyer Comets "in field" -


More Flyer Comet -


The parks "welcome sign" / Funhouse -


Sign from the 2000 season (last season) -


Flyer Comet from the backside -


Waterslide tower before the slides were removed -


Flyer Comets cool tunnel had its own name! -


Random midway games -


Mini Golf -


Bumper Cars -


Inside the bumper cars -


Left over from the rockets -


Rockets left on the midway -


Flyer Comets train sitting in the station -


Flyer Comet -


"POV" -


More Flyer Comet -


The park had been paint'n Comet white from yellow when they closed -


The last turn -


Track walking... In the snow -


First drop "POV" -


The bunny hill inside the tunnel -


The turn after the tunnel -


Looking back into the tunnel -


Flyer Comets enter.. With the rides sign removed -


More mini golf -


Controls from the Yo-Yo.. Note the dead bees


Old Turtle car -


Random ride parts -


Old Whip cars -


Flyer Comet with more snow around it -


The turn that drops into the tunnel -


The drop into the tunnel -


The midway in the winter -


Waterslide tower -


And one more photo of Flyer Comet.. from out on the lake -

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Yeah.. When you walk down the midway alone its a bit creepy. Then you see like a stray cat jump out of a bush.. and its like "Oh crap!"


Not all of Whaloms rides were lost. A few made new homes over the last few years. The tilt-a-whirl and scrambler both ended up at Edaville Railroad in MA.. As did the parks tumblebug.. But it hasnt been set up yet.

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anyone wanted it, or they wanted to reopen it?

The coaster is in greatshape... All it needs is about 5 feet of track at the base of ohe lifthill.

So yeah.. If someone wanted to save it they could.. The thing is its not a coaster someone would save. It was a great ride and all. And real fun.. But its not something a park could buy and 'sell' it as a new ride.... Unless it was some really small park.

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This park used to be my home park and I used to go there 3-5 times a week. I first rode the Flyer Comet when I was 3 and I truely miss the old park charm that was felt while walking the midways. I'd give anything to have the Flyer Comet reopened as it was a great little coaster. I really hope there is some sort of happy ending for the Flyer Comet.

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