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LOST Action Figures...


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If that guy is from the show "Lost" you can come visit him here in Hawaii (Oahu-island). They change hotels several times during each month, but they now stay at one of those plush bed-n-breakfast retreats near Diamond Head. I have seen that show being filmed on the West-end of the beach on several occasions. The actors/actresses are nice, but the crews are extremely-friendly (good thing for the Aloha spirit).

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This doesn't really have to do with the action figures, but at comic-con ALOT of LOST news/spoilers were revealed...

- Season three will focus more on adventure.

- We'll learn more about The Others and Alex's story.

- An event will happen mid-season that will blow people away!

- J.J. Abrams will co-write the first episode which is titled "The Tale of Two Cities."

- They are going to reveal what happened to Locke, Desmond and Echo.

- They are adding new regular characters, which they are casting for now.

- You'll see more scenes from the outside world

- Desmond and Penny's relationship forms a new seed for a new element in the series.

- Libby will be back to fill in the gaps.

- Within the first few episodes Kate "gets with someone".

- They are going to explain the medical miracles.

- They debunked the rumor that the monster is a cloud nanobot.

- The hyroglypics on the countdown clock are signs of the underworld.

- They have 4 to 5 seasons planned out, and they knew the beginning and ending from the start. Going beyond 5 seasons would be stretching it, they said.

- If they introduce a question on the show, they already know the answer.

- They do look at fans' reactions and that does affect how they do things on the show.

- They showed a promo for the 13 "Lost" diaries that will be on Verizon, which featured Hugo finding a camera and interviewing people on the island.

- A "Lost" game from Ubisoft is coming next year which features a new story.

- On the season two DVD, you can expect one feature which has all of Sawyer's famous lines!

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Dude I loved Lost! Here in the Netherlands , there are behind with showing the episodes so i already downloaded all the episodes of season 2! I just can't wait till season 3 starts! These actionfigures really look very detailed. And that hadge scene

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^^I can't wait for season 3 either..especially after what happened at Comic Con with Rachel Blake...I found a video on you tube..I just wish I was there

Sounded like all the LOST nerds (like me ) were freaking out when they heard her voice.

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