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Your City's Skyline

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Cincinnati is my home right now. It's a gorgeous city, but most people don't realize that when they're up in the northern suburbs near Kings Island or passing through the airport.


I took this photo last year. This is a view looking east toward downtown Cincinnati.


Cleveland is my birthplace and I still consider it "home". The skyline looks best looking west, or from on the lake. Much more "full" than most other angles.


Not my picture, but it does a very nice job of making the Cleveland skyline look very impressive!

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^ I have always loved the views of Portland, and from Portland itself.

Haven't been there in a long, long time.

Thank you for sharing some (still) wonderful views of this great PNW city!

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^^Portland looks beautiful. I really have to visit the NW some day.


Maybe I'm just biased, but there aren't many better looking skylines than my home city. Chicago!



Here's just one piece of the Chicago skyline. It's huge!


This picture of Midway Airport gives you an idea of how big the city really is. It also shows how tiny Midway is- that runway is SHORT!!

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Here are some photos that I took during a hot air balloon ride that we took this past summer for my partners 70th b-day present.


The city is Jamestown, about 70 miles southwest of Buffalo.


The big white building to the far right middle is where I work.


The lake is about five miles from our house.

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Not much here in Scottsburg. A McDonalds, Taco Bell, Wendy's, Arby's, Walmart, Mexican places, a Chinese restaurant, a couple mom and pop stores, maybe an antique mall here and there. But a whole lot of corn fields and bean fields and woods. Did I mention that was great for hunting? Oh well here is my skyline xD


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Impressive. The CN Tower really looked a lot taller back in 1998 without all the surrounding buildings.


Plus, with 11 of the 25 tallest buildings in Toronto under construction, the skyline is going to be even larger in the next few years.

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Here's a picture of my skyline. Everything else in town is smaller than this due to crazy height restrictions. Nothing can be above four-five stories. If you drive along the outskirts of town, a lot of the hotels are a lot bigger than that, but that's because we have three different counties with different height regulations in this area.

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