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Your City's Skyline

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Alright this is my Hometowns Downtown Skyline. I live on top of the Escarpment so I live on the mountain which is where the "Rich" People live. If you look in the middle of this picture and in the distance its Lake Ontario and behind that and to the right you really cant see it but there is Toronto. Its weird the way the city is with it being half down the escarpment and halm being on the mountain. From a friends house I can clearly see the Skydump and CN Tower from their house across the lake. I'll try to take a picture next time I go.



Oh ya to inform you, Its really bright to the right of the page because thats where the two big steel mill places are. Dofasco and Stelco basically run the City. You should feel the humidity here, Its UNREAL.


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Earlier, I showed a pic of DC. Because where I live is a suburb of DC and doesn't really have a skyline. Its not even a city or town, its a township. Meaning, it just has a name for addresses. It has no main street, nor does it have a court house, nor does it have a counsel or anything. It's basically just for houses and Wal-Mart and what not.


Here is a skyline I found on google though.



As you can see, its not a City.

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^That thing looks cool. It looks like a bus, but runs on a track like a subway.


I don't have any pictures ofmy skyline on my camera, but is there a way to google images and get one from there, I tried copy and paste earlier and it did not work

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So, I live in some southern town called tupelo, it's really spread out so it doesn't have any tall buildings. However, the "downtown" part still has the same architecture as from like...the early 1990s. Well, here's what the buildings look like, and the skyline is just a main street of these and then a lot more that branch off.


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