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okay, well, seeing as the stormrunner competition was unfair to poeple who didnt have wild etc. so here we go...




-"Twister" coaser must be used

-Max height - 140 feet

-Max length 3500 feet

-minimun 3 inverseions, maximum 7 inversions

-No custom scenery may be used except for the supports

-Landscaping is allowed, but none to make the 1st drop any larger...





1. asr

2. weetopia












The rides will be judged on:



how it looks




okay, if you want to sign up for this, just post... the judges must be unbiased and whatnot, and yeah... if you have a problem with some of the rules, just say so...

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I have a problem with the rule that it must have 6 inversions. You should let everyones creative wings flutter. How about a minimum of three, and a maximum of seven?

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The last thing we need is competing contests... Oh and please get a spell checker... Everyone should have one... (Google toolbar for Firefox or IE)


Honestly I don't think this is a good idea so I would at least edit the title of the contest so it isn't so obviously going against the other one. It should be an individuals choice which they enter based on what they like and you shouldn't be promoting yours as superior IMHO.

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I really dont like competitions in RCT3, the booting up, and horrible track options make me want to scream. I might be interested in this one though, Ill get back to you.

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Why do people always do this sign up crap now? Just open the freaking contest and let people do their thing. That way you aren't waiting forever to start just because people aren't signing up. Just put up a pic of the land and give us the details and let us go. If there was anything to kill the excitement it is having to wait. Plus if you create the scenario right it should be possible for people just to build. Just make sure everything is set properly with the inventions setup and people can't use the wrong coaster type and so on.


Oh and please go through that first post with a spell checker... It is just painful.

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okay. i think the options give you a fair amount of room to be creative and whatnot...


When I said "horrible track options" I was not talking about the options of the competition, I was speaking of the lack of flexibility in RCT3. They dont allow you to be very creative with your elements.


Also, kenshinmac, why are you being so rude to goleafsgo? Everytime you have posted in this thread it has been to rant about something that is so little, it makes you look like an idiot.


-Justin "It was getting annoying" Seabaugh

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umm, i dont think there is any need for me to make a scenario. all you need to do is build it in the "sandbox" mode....
If you create something in Soaked! in sandbox mode I know it breaks compatibility with the standard RCT3... I don't know if that is the case with Wild! as I haven't tested it. However if you were to make a scenario it would ensure that the proper amount of space was already set in the map and would also ensure that people only used the proper ride and nothing else.


Also, kenshinmac, why are you being so rude to goleafsgo? Everytime you have posted in this thread it has been to rant about something that is so little, it makes you look like an idiot.
Most of the rants have been in general about the competitions we have had around here recently. You may not know it but there was a really good competition around here early in this boards history but due to problems Robb actually all out banned competitions. It seems that he isn't really worried about them now but I don't really think the way that the way that this topic was put was very friendly. I also don't want Robb to crack down on competitions again due to people getting upset with one another. I think the minimum anyone setting up a contest should do though is to provide a pre-configured scenario so everyone is starting at the same place instead of saying go build...


Oh and on the spelling thing, it is actually in the rules of these boards and is often brought up on the other boards. I think it is such a simple thing everyone should have a spell checker in their browser just to help understandability. It takes minutes to download and install on the two most used browsers. Just use Google Toolbar and you can easily spot any spelling errors before posting.

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I just finished the track layout, but haven't started themeing yet. Here are some pics. They are links because they are very large, 1280 x 960 pixels resolution.




The rides beggining, with a Loop and an Immelmann.




A train negotiates the Zero-G Roll.




The twisted finale.




You encounter a JoJo roll just before the 140 foot lift hill.




A helicopter view overview of the ride.




A top-down layout view with inversions marked in white text.




A panoramic view of the ride from just out side the park.


I did make a different version of the ride that I liked better, that had an MCBR and a more complex turnaround built into the mountain, but it was over the maxium length allowed, so I had too trash it. You can download it at the bottom of the post.


And before I start theming, I have another question. Is custom scenary allowed?


Failed version of the coaster. The total length was 3700 feet, just 200 feet over the limit.

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I think I want to get into this Competition.. I'll sign up.


I dont know what i'll build. I think I'll make it a little bit more compact.


I'll do it later tonight..

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no custom scenery is allowed appart from custom supports. otherwise you can use the base rct3 scenery.


okay, heres an idea:



everyone can post their base rides in here, and then I'll make another thread in about a week or a bit less, and then everyone will post their completed rides and then everyone can vote on which on they like. no judges or anything.

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After some messing around I created a pretty fun little coaster...


I have Soaked! and Wild! but hopefully it will run on others copies of the game... I'll post some pics and stuff in a bit. They are on my PC and I'm posting this as I'm compressing a video of the view around the ride which I can post if anyone is interested.


I call it RuinRunner and it has only one change to the terrain... I have a small drop out of the station before it hits the lift hill. It uses a launched lift to give it a little extra oomph since at 140ft you don't get too much speed through the large loops which I wanted to use extensively. Otherwise it keeps a high speed throughout the whole layout then hits the brakes after zooming around the ruins of a fort and some native villages.


Oh yeah I don't believe in custom anything so far because it breaks compatibility with standard installations...


The pics are a little on the large size so I might shrink them a bit later.





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