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B&M Sitdown- Cerberus (NL)

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All right I kind of rushed this one, but I still think it's good. The name is Cerberus and I orginally made it in RCT2, I got bored and started building this.



Sorry Robb I could'nt host the sceens on TPR they were to big.


I am willing to change anything on the coaster to make it as good as possible. (as long as your not mean about it).


and here in the Track, Download and Enjoy

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The general layout was good, but there were a heap of things not true to the B & M style: the absence of the pre drop drop from the lift hill, that launch into the dive loop, and the curved and dropping brake runs. A solution to the launch could be just resizing the first drop, making it taller, and that will also help with the loop since it was a little slow.


Also, the lift hill isn't straight, the support connecting the top of the flat spins doesn't have to be there, and a bit more trackwork/smoothing needs to be done, but they're all easy things that can make a better coaster.

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