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Theme Park Review's Summer Party! ROLL CALL!

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Heyyyy, I'm free that weekend! Too bad I live 982137948698 miles away.


Ummm, I think you'll find that's how far away I live. You only live 761325604386 miles away, duh!


Consider yourselves lucky! 20 miles is way too close to Robb and Elissa!

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Hmmm....looks like I'll have to miss SFMM, but that's OK because last time I went, it gave me the clap.


I'll probably pop up though during the party since my flight gets back into town around 5pm.


Will I be smart enough this time to avoid Robb's wings and the ensuing fire poop? Probably not because they're SOOOO GOOOD.


- Kyle "my ass is burning" Miller

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I highly doubt I will be there, but I do want to say that Derek is a strong contender for Post Of The Year...




I totally agree! (with BOTH statements)


Unfortunately, California just isn't in the vacation time slot this year



Derek....I owe you a beer.



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OMG, i have a play pass too and i should be getting a car soon so i might be able to go and i haven't even been on Tatsu yet



Blasphemy! You have a pass and are yet to ride dragon? You are coming and you are riding in the back row of tatsu bright and early in the morning whether you like it or not




PS: can you say "it hurts so good"? how about "breakfast brain scramble with a side of salted pretzel loop"

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IT'S ON LIKE DONKEY KONG!!! But alas, i won't make it to the SF:MM part of the party, only the home party part. Darn family commitments. But it will be nice to meet Robb and Elissa and the rest of the TPR community that makes it there.



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