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Best Drops....

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Sheikra is my favorite first drop with Maverick's first drop close behind. If a Stengel Dive is a drop, throw Maverick's in third.


Wildfire is my favorite drop on a B&M sit-down or floorless looper.

Orient Express's first drop was terrifying in the back seat, and so memorable.

I'm not a big fan of drops on Inverted coasters since most provide little airtime, but both Dragon Challenge and, especially, Patriot have a nice whip down the first drop near the back seats.

Manta's Pretzel Loop is one of my favorite elements, but I'm not sure that qualifies as a drop...


*Gotta love that last drop on Space Mountain!*


And let me just say Dudley Doo Right's finale is the best drop on a log ride with or without seatbelts, and pretty much any other drop on the ride is up there. Weather and lines permitting, I would not pass up a chance to ride it!


As for wooden coasters...none of the ones I've ridden should make this list ...I hope to change that this year!

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Phantom's Revenge. The second drop, into the ravine, at night...it feels endless, like you'll never pull up out of it. I've been on Intimidator, Kingda Ka, Gryphon...none of them can touch that.

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Megafobia has a great drop when your in the back!

The Grand National at Blackpool tops for me since it goes straight into a double drop, AND YOUR RACING!

I've been on Stealth once but I wasn't really taking much notice of the drop because I was having too much fun. As I recal though it felt soft.


Rage, Speed, Saw are alright, although I prefer Rage out of them three.

Dragon's Fury at Chessington has a great fun drop!

The Pepsi max drop is alright.

Megafobia wins it for me personally. It's the perfect balance between small and sweet and massive and scary

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Nitro's drop is great in the back row. You get flung over the top of the hill and have airtime all the way down. Its just slightly above average in every other row though. But, nothing beats El Toro's drop.

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Sheikra has a crazy first drop. I love the holding brake at the top. It scared the crap out of me the first time I rode it.


The first drop on Cyclone at SFNE in the back has some crazy airtime. It's a lot nicer too now that its been retracked.

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I love Diamondback's first drop. (But I haven't been on THAT many coasters ) I also sort of like the drop on Coney Island's Cyclone. Even though is HURTS. I think I enjoy it because of the nostalgia? I don't know. haha

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