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Oldest Coaster You've Ridden

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Wood category:

Comet at Hersheypark being the oldest

2nd oldest would be Blue Streak at Cedar Point

3rd oldest wooden coaster is American Eagle at Six Flags Great America


Steel category (UPDATED 4/3/2015):


Matterhorn Bobsleds at Disneyland being the oldest

2nd oldest is Wildcat (?) at Cedar Point

3rd oldest is Galaxi at Indiana Beach

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Wild One, Six Flags America, 1917 (actually from 1986, when it was moved and rebuilt, or 1997 when it was reprofiled).

Thunderhawk, Dorney Park, 1923 (oldest coaster i've ridden in its original location, although it's actually from 1930 when it was changed from an oval to a figure-8 and made 40% longer).

Wildcat, Lake Compounce, 1927 (oldest unmodified coaster I've ridden).



Wild Chipmunk, Lakeside, 1955 (oldest steel of any type).

Matterhorn Bobsleds, Disneyland, 1959 (oldest tubular steel).


EDIT: Crap, I replied to this thread four years ago. Oh well.

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Time to post an updated response to this somewhat repetitive thread. I'm taking my dates from RCDB.


01. Jack Rabbit, Kennywood, 1920

02. Thunderhawk, Dorney, 1923

03. Thunderbolt, Kennywood, 1924

03. Giant Dipper, SCBB, 1924

05. Racer, Kennywood, 1927

05. Wildcat, Lake Compounce, 1927

05. Coney Island Cyclone, 1927

08. Dragon Coaster, Rye Playland, 1929

09. Coaster Thrill Ride, Puyallup Fair, 1935

10. Yankee Cannonball, Canobie Lake, 1936


Apparently I like old wooden coasters more in appearance than anything else. Only Giant Dipper, Yankee Cannonball and Cyclone are in my top 25, though I also like Coaster Thrill Ride and Thunderbolt.

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My list:


Jack Rabbit - Kennywood - 1920

Thunderbolt - Kennywood - 1924

Racer - Kennywood - 1927

Cyclone - Lakeside - 1940

Little Dipper - Kiddieland - 1950

Comet - Waldameer - 1951

Wild Chipmunk - Lakeside - 1955

Blue Streak - Cedar Point - 1964

Cedar Creek Mine Ride - 1969

Galaxi - Indiana Beach - 1971


So, prior to my vacation to Kennywood/Waldameer, the coasters I had ridden were fairly modern(relatively speaking).

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