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Oldest Coaster You've Ridden

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Wild one @ SFA -100 yrs old


Same here.


You know, since the Wild One is turning 100 . . . I'm surprised they haven't done a "100 rides in a row" marathon type thing for the coaster (with those that complete it getting a special plaque and shirt). I'd give it some thought

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Blue Streak (1964)

Cedar Creek Mine Ride (1969)

Racer (KI) (1972)

Space Mountain (WDW) (1975)

Corkscrew (Cedar Point) (1976)

Demon (SFGAm) (1976)

Whizzer (1976)

Gemini (1978)

Corkscrew (Michigan's Adventure) (1979)

WildCat (1979)

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my oldest coaster would have to be the Racing Derby , 1913 at Euclid Beach, closely followed by Giant Coaster, 1916 at Crystal Beach. ( the only side friction coaster I've been on) Sadly all defunct. So I guess that makes Wild One at SFA my oldest still operating.


obviously not my pic. but wow, what a park it was,

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I feel like I may be missing something, but this is my 5 oldest:


1. Wild One, SFA (1917)

2. Jackrabbit, Kennywood (1920)

3. Thunderbolt, Kennywood (1924*)

4. Big Dipper, Geauga Lake (1925)

5. Racer, Kennywood (1927)

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^^ Okay, I will ask.... what does (1924*) mean, opposite Thunderbolt?




It was built by John A. Miller in 1924. The ride's name was the Pippin until 1967, when it was changed to Thunderbolt beginning with the 1968 season, coinciding with an expansion of the track headed up by Andy Vettel.


Most of the ride was left intact except for the double dip, station, and station turn-around to the first hill which were removed in 1968 for the addition of the new front helix hills necessary for the transformation of The Pippin into the new Thunderbolt roller coaster. The four drops down a ravine were incorporated in the Andy Vettel-designed Thunderbolt coaster.

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Wildcat at Lake Compounce- 1927


If you're 20 years old then I doubt that you were on the 1927 version of the Wildcat.

It was rebuilt by Dinn/Summers in 1986.


I was lucky to get on the original version. It had fixed lap bars and I remember having to grab on as I was sliding up and out!

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^ Okay I got all that, thanks - but what does the * mean, beside the date?


I was just calling out the special case that a significant portion of the ride was rebuilt after 1924, that's all.

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Definitely Giant Dipper (1924) at Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. Amazing how good of shape it's still in, SCBB takes wonderful care of it. It was my very first "big" roller coaster and was my favorite woodie until the refurb of Ghost Rider overtook it, but it's still a very close 2nd. Looking forward to riding it tomorrow actually!!

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So I’ve been on Wild One at SFA, originally built in 1917. I don’t want to go through the history of the ride, most on here probably know it already.


Is it still technically older than Jack Rabbit? If not then Jack Rabbit is the oldest one I’ve been on.



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