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Me...I'd have to say It's Oh So Quiet - Bjork. Why? If you've ever met me I'm a quiet person but can be loud in an instant...kinda. Anyone think I deserve a different one?

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1. Steve Vai- 'Bad Horsie' or 'The Riddle'

2. Nickelback- 'Animals'

3. Enya....Oh wait...scratch that!

4. Jeff Beck 'Roy's Toy' (especially for Rita or XLR8R @ KBF).

5. Motley Crue 'Dr. Feelgood'!

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Elissa: Hamster Dance (bicoastal, good idea)

Robb: Rascal King: Mighty mighty Bosstones

Phishy: One bourbon, one scotch, one Beer: George Thorogood

CoasterFanatic: Atomic Punk: Van Halen

Wes41190: Fire (I am the God of Hellfire and i bring you to Burn) Iron Butterfly

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I love this game, and one other, which I started on another forum and possibly we could do here...


I could list loads but I'm lazy, so...


Ryan King's would OBVIOUSLY be Comfort Eagle, by Cake: "He is calling you DUDE!"


Nicole, how about Cosmic Girl by Jamiroquai? (LOL, I totally look like I'm sucking up now, but for some reason when I read your post it was the first song I thought of! )

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I would think the perfect theme song for Robb would be "Yackaty Sax".


Of course, for those who don't know what that is, it's the song that was at the end of each Benny Hill show.


I can see it now, Yackety Sax blaring in the background, while Robb is being chased around the park by an angry mob.


As for me, I was always fond of Weird Al's "Fat"

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Well there isn't any song with the phrase 'Steel Dragon 2000 rules' or 'Steel Dragon 2000 rocks' so there isn't really a song for me


But I do think Big in Japan could apply to me since I'll probably end up in Japan after my studies (even during my studies).

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