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Photo TR: Me, Guy and Kim Possible do SFGAdv & Dorney

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Guy was in town for work so that gave me an excuse to finally go try and ride El Toro! He brought along Kim Possible (for those of you who don't know, he has some sort of fanboy or fangirl I should say, obsession with her). I guess she can be added to the list with Elissa and Lou. The ride down to Jersey was interesting; a few major accidents, hours parked on a highway and Guy passing through tolls without paying was awesome. During such time I got some lessons in professional lighting courtesy of Guy's trade. He sure knows his shtick. On to the photos....


How'd that ET pov turn out Guy?


Had a great time hanging with Guy and KP. Nice to run into Jeff, a fellow UK trip participant (Hi Joey).


KP loves Guy like Guy loves KP. Awwww.


See what I mean?


I don't think it's possible to take a normal pic of Guy. I'm starting a Guy fanboy fanclub.


An artsy look beneath Talon Grip of Death, I mean Fear, yeah Fear.


A little Hydra onride hotness.


Guy fanboy taking a pic of Guy taking a pic of his new FAVORITE floorless Hydra. Take note Elissa.


Guy doing his Corkey Steel Force fingers impersonation. KP is like WTF.


Lift hill enthusiasts take note.


Next up was Steel Force, with all it's wheels. Oh, and they were running three trains with 15-25 second dispatches. Hello? Six Flags, are you listening?


Now we're at Dorney. KP liked Laser. I have no idea what Guy is doing. Maybe a pre-signature move pic? All I know is they didn't grey out on Laser.


Ahhh, that's why it seems familiar.


This picture looks familiar. Hmmmm, let me think....


I didn't feel like waiting 10 minutes for a train to be in the shot.


Exclusive signature shot (beating a dead horse?)


ET through the trees!


I do like ET better than the Voyage. I can only describe it as if S:RoS @ SFNE and Balder had a baby, you'd get ET. But he's not better than his either of his parents.


In The Loop was at the El Toro Queue. KP took the mic from some chick to get some of that podcasting goodness.


Guy's signature move of approval for El Toro.


But he's sitting next to an ACER. Is this sacreligious?


It's old man Jeff W. (not Jeff Johnson) from the UK Trip!


The train has just about stopped so maybe he's proving that coaster enthusiasts DO use deoderant.


Wait, who's that in the last train?


If Dan took this picture, there would be quite a lot of image editing. Look at KK!




Hoo-ray for the coaster finally being in the picture. I'll have you know, it is not that common a site to behold due to GAdv's less than stellar operations.


KP and Guy's afterglow on their favorite woody. Mine is still Balder. Hi Parktrips.


Purty. Quite a nice drop for those who haven't been (cough Elissa cough).


The fat noises emanating from the bowels of the beast.


Yeaaaa for the first riders!


While in line, a woman we'll call Kristy shows off her reactors to KP. KP wasn't impressed.


The heavens glow with the testing of El Toro!


MMMMM..hope it makes the intamin "Fat" noise....I mean fart noise. Hi Robb.


El Toro twisty bits. Sorry no train. It wasn't open yet despite the park being open for an hour.


Still "reeling" from the recording mishap. Get it? Reeling.


Is KP upset because 1. she didn't like KK, 2. Guy excluded her from the picture or 3. Guy's professional training failed him to take POV? If you know the answer, email Dan (j/k)


etc, etc. I got nothing else.


KK.....yawn, I mean yea.


Pre-launch pic.


KP took our photo while waiting for the front seat of the second launched train. I must say it was a much better ride in the front than any of the other seats.


So missing Guy credit #1. We made a B-line to KK which was actually open when the park was.


Guy had this "Beavis and Butthead" hair thing going on before the Jersey air got to it.


I thought we do a little cheerleading before the trip, but Guy just wanted to go to GAdv to get his missing credits.

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Blimey Rich.....Signature moves, Merrells, and uber witty PTR captions along with fame on the AR thing - you will obviously be deserving of your own fan club right now 8)


Seriously though, I enjoyed the report, and interesting observation of the mating of roller coasters and their subsequent spawn specifically




Steve C

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Wow, you both came to my neck of the woods and didn't even bother telling me. You had both better hope I was busy on those days, or someone is going to pay!


Sorry Derek. You can blame Guy all the way He was the one who was choosing destinations and stuff. Our initial plan changed slightly due to traffic and stuff. Plus we were only there a few hours. Next time (and there will be a next time) I will give you a shout.


And thanks to all for the kind words, so far! (except canobie fan....I want my Balder hammer you hoarder!)

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