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So when B&M made The Hulk it was unrealistic because it had a launch? Apollo's Chariot was unrealistic because it was B&M's first coaster without inversions? Top Thrill Dragster was unrealistic because it was the first of its kind?


Youre arguments are very weak. Raging Bull @ SFGAM ends with a figure-eight element. This coaster only has a few more turns so its ridicilous to say thats unrealistic...

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If you read my first post carefully you'll find that I say that the coaster looks unrealistic IN MY OPINION. I think that. For others it may not but to me it is. For me realistic is made by todays standards. And it is my complete right to think this.


Now enough of this; let Goleafsgo expand his park

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A new ride has been built. It is called Hex, and is set in... a haunted mansion... here are some pics:


There have also been rumors that Phoenix will be replaced. There have been alot of mechanical problems with the ride, and that has lead to safety concerns...


looks scarier from far away....


ooooh, scary

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Phoenix has been taken down, and a new coaster has been built in its place. It reaches speeds over 65mph and has 7 inversions... The ride does not yet have a name, so any suggestions would be nice.




zero-G roll. (im gnna fix the supports on it...)


interlocking corkscrews towards the end of the ride.


overview of the new ride.

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^^ as you can see, it is possible to create semi-accurate supports for a stratacoaster with Steelworx. I made this in one of my older parks. By the way, there are straight sections holding the track up along the tower too but they have really bad draw distances seeings as I'm using a graphics chipset on a laptop.


Otherwize... I have a version of Six Flags Canada too! I posted it at the Atari Forums before. If you want I'll send you a linky


anyway, it looks cool.. but Medusa is quite.. unrealistic. I know about new rides setting new standards, but thats quite a jump. 325 feet to 400 is a jump but that twister section is pretty mighty. Just my two cents. Otherwise the park looks pretty good! I suggest downloading ShyGuys mainstreet sets for mainstreet though. And stuk's hanger 71/51 for coaster stations.


Good job though!

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