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Magic MouNtain

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Grabbed my hat and was ready to go!


Hmm.....it's a little late....four o' clock....and we're leaving at seven?


Hey, at least we're going, right?




Okay, seriously...has it gotten so bad here that they need cop cars out in front?


Yay, Tatsu! .....oh...yeah....and Revolution.....


Yikes...those are some offensive plants....


Isn't this where the stairs to Sammuri Summit used to be?


Hey, we only had about three hours to ride rides, so we forked over the twenty bucks for the Flash Pass.


Damn, that's HUGE.

I love it. It's a great ride, much better than Superman at SFGAm.


For the first time in forever, Superman: The Escape is open when I'm there.

Sadly, it's line was one hour and forty-five minutes long. We didn't have enough time to waist on a 30 second ride....


*sigh*Maybe next time.....if it's still here....


Hey, Goldrusher....fun stuff.


I usually have Raging Bull to hug, but Tatsu is just as good.


....what ever you say, cheif.....


Trees through the trees.


Since I didn't ride it back in December, I wanted to ride it next....

Riddler's Revenge, yay!


Looks like there was some kind of campout or something....

Maybe it's just the happening place to sit...


Anyway, back to Riddler's Revenge...

Oye...even with Flash Pass this line took forever. We had the worst time in this station. The lights were off....

there were mobs of people.....

and there was trash....

So, instead of just complaining about it, I cleaned it up.


Seriously, they need a grouper or something, this station is a mess (of people and trash)


The ride, however, was amazing. I'd say it justified that disgrace of a line.

Gah.....God, I'm creepy....

Okay, seriously....who would bring a sharpie on a roller coaster?


Although I didn't ride it, I like taking pictures of it....

That's about as far up as it got, but that sill pretty high.


These guys were most excellent. Reminds me of "Doug".


Bangin' on a trash can. Drummin' on a street light.


Yup....maybe next time.


Scream! was next.

The line was so short we didn't need Flash Pass. This ride, for me at least, has never had a line longer than a half-hour. The ride ops get it going out fast enough....and they even only had two trains on the track.

Parking lot coaster or not. This is a fun ride. I don't care what people say.



Goliath was next.

I got to ride with my good buddy And Some Guy, this time.

"Click, click, click click...."



It's really just a big mess of steel...


Ah, Flashback...

Why does Flashback look like the only coaster that's hiding from the world? I bet if it was out in the open, more people would wonder why it wasn't open...and then complain...and then have it open, yay!


Okay...we got about fifteen minutes left...let's run to Viper


So we ran...

Oooh, pretty....wait...no time....




GASP.....whew...okay, we made it....

"What do you mean this isn't Space Mountain?"

Hey, it's X....cool....



Alright. What an awesome day. I got on five coasters in three hours. I think that's pretty good, eh? I sure hope Magic Mountain doesn't get torn down. That would be a big dissapointment. I always have fun when coming here, even though Riddler's line needs to be better.



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