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  1. 1. KBF or SFMM

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I say you should do both. My reasons are:


1. KBF has better enviorment

2. SFMM has better coasters

3. KBF is oriented to both thrill seekers and non-thrill seekers

4. SFMM has rides that cater to mostly thrill seekers

5. KBF is cleaner

6. SFMM is in the middle of a huge change

7. SFMM is generally more crowded

8. Everyday but Saturday is a good day for KBF


And there are many other reasons I could list, but I just didn't want to. Overall, if you're looking for thrills, go to SFMM. If you're looking for short waits and re-rides on some pretty good rides, got to KBF.


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^ That pretty much sums it up. Go to KBF for the overall experience. Go to SFMM for the great rides.


Personally, 90% of the reason I visit parks is for the rides, so I prefer SFMM; Both parks are very good, though.

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Generally, Knott's will be less busy, but not light. Don't expect to wait 10 minutes for Xcelerator (which is the usual wait) and instead expect to be waiting probably an hour or more. SFMM will be pretty heavy with waits for even Scream getting over an hour. Colossus will probably be 20-30 minutes.


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SFMM is my pick by FAR. 10 years ago I would have told you to go to Knott's and not even think about SFMM. Today, it's completely the opposite.


--Robb "I get bored of Knott's in about 20 minutes!" Alvey

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ok i'll break it down!


Launch coasters: Xcelerator vs. Superman = easy, xcelerator

Woodies: Collosus,Psyclone vs. Ghostrider = i'm not a fan of any of them but psyclone wrecks the entire park Ghostrider!

Water rides: Tidal wave vs. Perilous Plunge = once again no contest PP



Big Steelies:goliath vs. well knotts really does'nt have one! = Goliath! (which in my opinion kicks )


So its





sorry but I really just care about riding:Knotts is the winner!

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^ What happened to the park? Wow. To tell you would fill up a page of everything Cedar Fair has taken away from the park (not physically speaking even) over the years. I'm glad they stepped in late '97, acquired the park and kept the venue operating, but Knott's was definitely not the same park it was 10-15 years ago.


Knott's appearance is now carries the generic "Cedar Fair" look. Not far off from what Cedar Point looks like. Knott's operations have also become despicable over the past 3-4 years, at times making Magic Mountain operations look not-so-bad.


I too pick Magic Mountain. I agree with Robb. Years ago, I would have voted for Knott's.

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Being a SoCal transplant and never having experienced the old Knott's. I would say go to Knott's.


I've yet to have a bad day there. There's less to do, but the park puts me in a much better mood. Even friends that usually request to go to SFMM when they come out were glad I had suggested Knott's this last time.


I get so annoyed every time at SFMM that I always leave feeling blah about the experience.


Of course, if you're only going for the coasters, and not the park experience. Go to SFMM.

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