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Heide Park Discussion Thread

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^ I didn't see holes but more like lids on the top part of the spine (each track piece has a lot of them). I just saw a video of the Swarm and noticed that he also has these "lids" this made me take a look at other winged coasters of B&M but the Swarm is the only (other) one have them. Can someone confirm if the Swarm is filled with sand?

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I found an other update today.

Brezel loop is finished, looks really nice.

The rides end already going up.

If I remember good the Bob-sled coaster was closed past day's because of construction. It seems to be open again.

Shop floor coming along.


Talk about white.

Panorama turn, and some footers still being prepared in the background.

Close-up on the Brezel loop.

From the sand.

Underneath the brake's.

More support.

Looks like 2 separate inversions like this.



Comes up really good.

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First exciting looking B&M with a sweet layout in some time

I think there's been a few decent layouts from B&M recently - Shambhala, Black Mamba and Oz'Iris for example (Although apparently Oz'Iris isn't that good). They definitely seem to be moving away from the formulaic stuff anyway. Hopefully it will ride as good as it looks. I think it's a good layout when you can't really put a name to any of the elements, it just kinda... you know... flows.

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Geez, that clearance looks tight! Looks almost like the clearances overlap at the entrance and exit of this element (has that ever been done before?). I understand this would never be an issue since a train could never be in both places at once, but it looks like quite a unique and thrilling element. The coaster as a whole looks pretty fun.

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