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Heide Park Discussion Thread

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For some reason though, I find B/M wing coasters to be a little more rough than other B/M coasters. Is that only me or are there others who think so too?


I haven't noticed any issues with roughness (I've been on Raptor and Wild Eagle) but I could only assume that it is due to the train design. Since they're sticking out from the track they are less stable than being mounted on top. The vibration of the train is felt in a larger sense, if you understand what I'm saying.

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^Hair Raiser is the best ride that B&M has built in years, but I haven't been too thrilled with the U.S. Wing coasters. That being said, Heide is providing a nice setting for this one.

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Between the level of theming, fly throughs, and a slightly more unique looking layout this seems a little more interesting to me than the other wing riders that have been built. This could finally be a win for B&M wing riders instead of another just kind of there one.

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Looks like an excellent layout for a B&M, especially taking into account the airtime hill after the first drop. I love any inverting coaster that can also pack some air into the layout.


Here's hoping 2014 brings another year of the B&M edge. Both this and Banshee are looking like epic rides.

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Looks like fun. I've been on 2 Wingriders so far and found them to be Fifty Shades of Meh personally - almost a flyer layout on a sit-down coaster. Heide is a very cool park, I'm sure the majority of their visitors will enjoy this ride.

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The layout for this thing looks awesome, I love the airtime hill right after the drop. I wasn't overly impressed with Wild Eagle (my only wing rider) but the near misses and key holes look like they could really add a lot to the experience so hopefully this thing delivers.


I'm waiting for someone to stick a wing rider inside a box and add a ton of crazy indoor themeing and lighting.

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I'm digging the layout, and the low airtime hill...curious how strong the airtime will be on this ride (B&M...strong airtime...*scratches head*).


One can hope, but I found that a downside to B&M's new OTSRs (that is assuming that all of their OTSRs are switching to this new style because of Banshee) is that they hold me in so tightly that there really is no airtime feeling I can get out of the ride. Personally I applaud B&M for adapting their flying restraints to eliminate the chance of headbanging on the rough outer seat that plagues wingrider type coaster trains, but because the restraint is on top of me for most of the ride and my bodyweight is not on top of it like in their flying coasters the positive Gs on their Wingriders STAPLE me really badly.


I have asthma, so extreme pressure on my chest is not something that I find comfortable. I cannot marathon flying style coasters because of this and had to give myself a break between rides on both B&M wingriders I've been on because the Gs at the bottom of their first drops were enough to really put the squeeze on my restraints even when I tried to push against them to stop the stapling.


I'm sure this has been answered a bunch of times... but what's up with Heide Park and the white track? It looks great, very classy.


Well judging by the location of this ride, it will be placed right next to their Mack Bobsled which is in a part of the park themed to (I assume) the Alps or other snowy mountainous region.


As for their other two white coasters Limit and Big Loop, you got me. I do agree however that white track when kept up can really look nice and I have always thought that one of the more beautiful coasters in the world was Goudurix, though the ride was one of Vekoma's worst. It always looked great in white with it's strange double loop element and batwing situated over the lake at Parc Asterix. Then they painted it red, yellow and brown which for me made the ride look the way it felt.

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So this is why they didn't have wider trains on Krake huh. Nice to see that there's a good amount of variation in the pacing unlike the first 2/3 of Banshee, and hopefully the forces on those smaller elements like the hill and helix after the zero-g deliver a lot of g-force variation too.

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Found out that they had a lot of work done these past day's:

The Panorama turn.

Building the Brezel Knot has started.

Progress of the re-roofing and the Winged Over Drop start.

The first inversion to be build.

The shop footer is getting more shape.

Over 90 degrees.

Winged Over Drop.

Love the combination of buildings and coasters.

Plaza underneath the Panorama turn.

From the base of the Support.

The most twisty inversion of the ride. (Meant by that the entire Brezel Knot not just this part)

Whit and Green, yeah we know it by now.

Great shot.


Source.I must say I never thought they would have this much up by now. It's going fast over there.

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