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Heide Park Discussion Thread

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  • 3 weeks later...

Heide Park has sent us a press release regarding some new artwork teasing the theme and type of attraction which will be added in 2014.


Here is the rough translation:


Two new graffiti artworks for Heide Park Resort


Soltau, April 2012 - The new topic in the Transylvanian Heide Park Resort continues to take creepy shape. Just emerged from an original Facebook-action, two new visual highlights that adorn the building site area for the major 2014 attraction which fits in to the mysterious park section. Well known graffiti artists including the legendary Friday the 13th used two 7x1, 50m wide building panels as works of art. Armed with more than 100 aerosol sprayers, four artists that were found through a call for Facebook, and especially in the greater Berlin and Leipzig worked for at least nine hours on their own designs in two individual Heide Park Grafftitis.


And the original release:


Zwei Graffitis fürs Heide Park Resort


Soltau, April 2012 – Der neue Themenbereich Transsilvanien im Heide Park Resort nimmt weiter gruselige Gestalt an: So entstanden gerade erst durch eine originelle Facebook-Aktion zwei neue optische Highlights, die den Baustellenbereich für die Großattraktion 2014 schmücken. Passend zu dem geheimnisvollen Parkabschnitt haben sogenannte Graffiti-Artists am ebenso sagenumwobenen Freitag, den 13. zwei 7x1,50m große Bauwände zu Kunstwerken werden lassen. Bewaffnet mit über 100 Sprühdosen setzten die vier Sprayer, die über einen Aufruf bei Facebook gefunden wurden und extra aus dem Großraum Berlin sowie Leipzig anreisten, in gut neun Stunden ihre eigenen Entwürfe in zwei individuelle Heide Park Grafftitis um.



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Dear like-minded people!


This is my first post. I decided to join because I like the humorous videos and comments down here. I'm from Hannover (the original one) in Germany and my home-park is the Heide Park. I initially went there before they built their first coaster (so it must have been before '83) and so I'm kind of 'bound" to it. And - to be honest - I think, it does not deserve all these bad posts.


They had some bad times during the last years, depending on the several changes in ownership, I guess. They changed from private ownership to Tussaud's and soon áfterwards to Merlin Entertainments. And all this changing to a full-style theme park takes time, for sure.


But let me tell you, all these doubled rides due to an insolvency of the "Eulenspiegel-Park" back in 1990. So they boughth a second viewing-tower (which they turned into a real frightening gyro-drop-tower back in 2003), a second monorail, a second swing boat, a second splashwater (they recently closed down last year) and so on. Since Merlin is the owner, they try to get the park more profitable, so they remove all the doubled rides (exept Scream), which is annoying but reasonable. But (what many people fade out) they built some nice new rides, as well. Krake is not as bad as they all say, so is Desert Race. Bit short and 'flat', but powerful. Colossos is the 'mother' of El Toro, so no discussion on that, I hope.


After all that, I will tell you my (unqualified) opinion about this "New-for-2014-Thing":


If you are not expecting too much before they open "Whatever", then you will not be disappointed when they'll open "Whatever"! I'm sure this won't be a second Drop Tower - why should be? They got a still very impressive one, so I can't believe that. They would not need another one. In my opinion, it might be something like a Th13teen-Clone (like Merlin does this year in the original Legoland at Billund (DK)). Probably it will be an "Raptor"-Clone (like 'X-Flight' or 'Wild Eagle' for you Americans). Nobody knows by now.


However - in my opinion the Heide Park is outrated. There are many bad comments depending on people unhappy with the delayed opening of 'the Krake'-theming. But that happened to better parks, as well...


However, have a nice daY!


Coaster Cordalis


(P.S.: That mouth IS close..!)

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^thank you for explaining the genesis of the duplicate rides.


I don't see many people saying bad things about the park, only people joking about the multiple rides. I happened to really enjoy my visit to Heide especially Colossus and all the Huss rides in one place.


Also, the hotel is my favorite themed hotel at a park in Europe. Yes, I enjoyed it more than the hotels at Efteling, Europa or Phanastasialand.

Edited by larrygator
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^thank you for explaining the genesis of the duplicate rides.


I don't see many people saying bad things about the park, only people joking about the multiple rides. I happened to really enjoy my visit to Heide especially Colossus and all the Huss rides in one place.


Also, the hotel is my favorite themed hotel at a park in Europe. Yes, I enjoyed it more than the hotels at Efteling, Europa or Phanastasialand.



Hey, 'Larrygator'!


Thanks for answering so quickly!


Well, I did not specifically ment the people posting here, to be honest. It is just that this park recieves so many bad critics, and I believe this is not always fair. Most of the german blogs don't favour the Heide Park, as well. On the other hand, I'm not a 'fanboy' and no Merlin-empoyee. So please don't get me wrong!


Second: the Hotel is really cute, isn't it? I speciallly like these 'outhouse-' (or pit closet-) -looking toilets. Marvellous! The food is reasonable, as well. And with your evening buffet, you get 1,5 hours of free drinking (including beer and wine), don't you..?

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^^I also like Heide Park quite a bit--particularly Colossus. The one thing it could use is a dark ride to round out its attractions.


G'Day, cfc!


Yeah, a darkride is definitely needed... But they did a little progress this year with 'Krake lebt!', which means "krake lives', a kind of a walk-through-maze in a weird sunken-ship-environment. Not too bad, but you'll finish it within 6-8 minutes. So - yes, there is a lack of darkrides, obviously...

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Honestly I also prefer Hansa-Park over Heide Park.


Whats good in Heide Park:

- Colossos - the only top coaster in this park

- Huss-Land - always good to have all this great flats

- Scream - top notch drop tower


Whats not so good about Heide Park

- incoherent theming - mostly due to the change of ownership, liked the "old" family-run park far more than what Merlin is doing

- bad and expensive food options

- so-so standard coasters (Vekoma SLC and MK-1200) and "cheaper" small-time coasters (Krake and Desert Race) - they could've add a costom Schwarzkopf, a B&M Invert or a Xcelerator-clone over the years, maybe there would a smaller number of coasters but they went for the mediocre-yet-cheaper coaster options IMO just to lead the coaster-count here

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Yes, the food is pretty odd ad Heide Park, thats true. I normally try to avoid eating there, to be honest.


And they won't get rid of their theming-problems too soon. Big parts of the new "Land of Forgotten" still look like Austria or Swizerland, so do parts of new "Transylvania" - and might for years... Coasters like Big Loop (the MK-1200) and Limit (the SLC-Clone) are not themed at all. On the other hand the "Skull Pirate's Bay" is mostly finished by now.


Desert Race is a nearly-100-%-clone of Rita at Alton Towers and was built while both parks belonged to Tussaud's, as far as I know. So it probably was cheaper than designing a second layout (still I would have prefered something like Stealth at Thorpe Park, no doubt).


And Krake is not what some might have expected, I'm down with that. All this world-premiere-thing is kind of fake. But it has quite an unique layout (with a splash right after the first drop) and some nice airtime at the camelback. I mean, I do know Griffon and SheiKra as well. And they are much more impressive, for sure. But european coasters normally can't compete with american ones, can they? So I did not expect something that size when they announced Krake, and I can live with it. On a normal friday afternoon you can easily be lucky enough to just stay seated in the first row for several rides after another without queueing up again.


However, that's just my opinion.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Looks like a flyer indeed, some sort of modern version of vampire at chessington (which I used to operate back in the day with a poor Romanian accent which annoyed everyone but it earned me ride op of the year).


I was starting to get worried that flyers had been replaced by the wing coaster design, the world needs more Tatsus!

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I did some searching on the internet and found that the same picture was also posted on an Italian website, on July 31th 2010.

The topic it was posted in was about the 2011 coaster at Gardaland (Raptor)




On coasterforce, I also read a message (from theCoasterCruiser) that the same picture was also used in an Efteling discussion, some time ago, but I couldn't find more about that.



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I need to go to heide park sometime soon. Looks like an interesting park, though I can't talk german.


Dude! You have to learn German. They won't let you in if you can't speak German. Besides, it's such a beautiful language. French and Italian gots nothin' on German.

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  • 2 months later...

Anyone want a log flume boat?


Sag uns, was du mit einem Original-Boot unserer Wildwasserbahn II machen würdest!

Die 3 besten Ideen gewinnen je 1 Original-Boot als ganz persönliches Erinnerungsstück aus dem Heide Park Resort.


Sende uns eine Email mit deiner kreativen oder lustigen Idee:


• bis 30.09.2012

• an aktion(at)heide-park.de

• mit folgenden Angaben: Name, Alter, Wohnanschrift




Basically, you need to send an e-mail to the park, telling them what you'll do with it. Don't forget your name, age, and address.

The 3 best ideas will win 1 boat each.


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But european coasters normally can't compete with american ones, can they?


Oh dear...


Yes...it`s true...the huge Dive machines are oversea...


BUT : If you look at Expedition Geforce, Goliath (Walibi), Shambala, Colossos, Silverstar, Katun, ISpeed, Lisebergbanan, Dragon Khan, Heide Bobsled, Colorado Adventure, Heisse Fahrt and so on...why do I have to read it over and over again that the huge ones are all oversea ? The truth is that in MANY coaster categorys we have a some impressive and REALLY good ones


Honestly...Europe isn`t that huge, but has so many excellent coasters...I think we really shouldn`t complain at all !



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