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Heide Park Discussion Thread

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Great look inside the Port Royal. I was just in the park last week and got to see it from the outside. Certainly looks nice on the inside, too.


Does anyone else think Colossus has gotten a bit rough in the valleys? Not like "shake you side to side" rough, but more like "running over speed bumps" rough. I was actually kind of disappointed after our rides. It use to be so smooth and fast, now it is starting to get almost painful Also, they were only running one train all day long, which made it the longest wait in the park.


Krake on the other hand; though short, was a ton of fun! There is awesome hang time down the drop, coming out of the inversion, (especially on one side of the train), and great sustained floatiness on the camel back. We agreed that it feels like it is missing one more element to make it "complete", like a heartline or something before the break-run. But, all in all, it's a lot of fun and they were constantly running 3 trains, so the line moved really quickly.


Does anyone know if the terrible SLC Limit used to actually have a second train? They have completely closed off the transfer track garage, and the cue line now goes under where the train should roll out, making it impossible to use. See what I mean in these pics?






When i was there in July for 2 days they ran one train the first day and Two trains the next day. The wood thingy are doors i think , and there are just enough space to run the trains over the que.

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Thanks for the look at Krake. Although the ride itself is brief, the theming looks well done (right down to the music as you enter the queue).


You are very welcome!


So the new for 2012 'Krake Horror Maze' has started to take shape!


Source: http://themepark.nl/ubb/ubbthreads.php/topics/1766101/Re_Heide_Park_2012_Krake_Horro.html#Post1766101


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Glad to see this thing is finally getting the original themeing added, looks like a great coasters.


The year round haunt sounds cool, I've always wondered why more parks don't have year round haunts with live actors because it always seemed like a great idea to me. Maybe this one will have a lot of success and maybe the success of the ones a Thorpe Park and Morey's Pier will give other parks in the world the same idea.

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