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Theme Park Review's Beach, B&M’s, & BBQ!!!

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Beach, B&M’s, & BBQ!!!


An All Day Theme Park Review Meet at Six Flags and Robb & Elissa’s Apartment Complex!


Our First Official Meet EVER!



Saturday, June 4th



9:30am at the entrance to Six Flags Hurricane Harbor

2:00pm at the entrance of Goliath at Six Flags Magic Mountain

6:00pm BBQ & Fun at Robb & Elissa’s Apartment Complex



Come for one meet, come for them all! It’s an all day event starting at Hurricane Harbor for some sliding action, then moving over to the coaster side for some fun, and then finishing off at our place for some BBQ, Games, and coaster videos in the theater!



All Coaster Enthusiasts!


You must RSVP to robbalvey@themeparkreview.com with:


- The Names Of Everyone Attending

- A Valid Email Address

- Which Meets You Will Be Attending


RSVP’s MUST be received by JUNE 1st if you plan to attend!


So if you are coming, or even think you are a 'maybe' at this point, email us at robbalvey@themeparkreview.com and let us know. The ONLY way you will get directions to the BBQ is by RSVPing!!!




1) What will this cost me? - NOTHING for the BBQ Dinner and Fun at Robb & Elissa’s! If you have a Six Flags Magic Mountain pass you’re good there, and you even have a free coupon for Hurricane Harbor in your value book! (Note: you may want money for lockers, souvenirs, lunch, etc.)


2) What do I need to bring? – If you’re going to Hurricane Harbor make sure to wear a bathing suit, bring a change of clothes, towel…you know what you need! Oh! A sense of humor is a MUST!!!


3) What will we do at Robb & Elissa’s? – We’ll be cooking food, we’ll have Video Games hooked up, we’ll play games to win prizes, we have a pool, and we’ll be showing the 2005 TPR Contest Winners in the Theater!


4) Why do I need to RSVP? – We need to buy enough food, drinks, and supplies for everyone! As well as set up seating, activities and prizes. Once you have RSVP’d you will be provided with directions to Robb & Elissa’s and even more information!


5) What if the weather is bad? – This is RAIN OR SHINE! If the weather prohibits visiting Hurricane Harbor we will meet at Magic Mountain at 9:30am. We will send out a notice if this is the case (again another reason to RSVP!)


6) Can I post about this to other boards? – Yes, absolutely! The more the merrier!


7) Are there any age restrictions? – Obviously not to Six Flags! To come to our party you must be 16 or older, or be accompanied by an adult.


8) Can I bring my own food or alcohol? – Because this is being held in a special room, there are restrictions on food and drink. There will be NO Alcohol allowed, and all other food and drink will be provided by Robb & Elissa.


9) Is there anything else I need to know? – Be prepared to have a great time! But be aware that any rude or inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated. You will be asked to leave immediately.


10) I still have more questions, how can I ask them? – If you have any questions or comments please post them to this thread or email them to robbalvey@themeparkreview.com





This is not a park sponsored event; there is no ERT, no benefits of any kind at Six Flags. This is a party being thrown by Robb & Elissa out of the goodness of our hearts! We have the right to cancel this at any time and if you’re coming from out of town please take that into consideration as we cannot be held liable for any costs incurred. We reserve the right to limit the number of BBQ attendees if necessary. We also reserve the right to refuse admission to the BBQ to any individual if necessary.


Elissa "This should be an awesome day!!!" Alvey

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How fun... good luck with it! Wish I could be there to attend and help because I am my family's resident party planner so this would be right up my alley.......



Maybe if you come this way next year, I can throw an Ohio version.....


Shari "I love a good summer party" Shoufler

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This is perfect timing because I'm just getting done with finals, so this would be a great stress relief and I live in California, about 7 hours away (Yay! I'm actually within easy access) but unfortunately, I won't be able to make it...I wish that I could being as I've been wanting to go to SFMM again for quite some time and meet the people here but unfortunately I won't make it.

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Actually, put Dione and I down as a definitely maybe . . . There's a chance I may be heading down to SoCal around then (haven't seen the family in a couple of years.) Now we have even more of a reason to go. And, I do believe our SFMW season passes will work there! (Woo hoo!)


At this time, depending on scheduling, I'd say we've got about a 40-50% shot at being there. If it comes down to it, we'll be saving $$$/vacation time for our wedding/honeymoon in November, but you never know.



I'll definitely let you know either way before June 1.

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Very kind of you to have it on my birthday.


If that darned Pacific ocean wasn't between me and Cali (all 10,000 miles of it), I'd be there in a flash.


But I must say it is a lovely gesture putting on the BBQ and all.

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Hmmm, *consults trans-atlantic flight costs* Nah, don't think so somehow! Pity really, as it'd be a good excuse to get out to California, something i've missed out on once this year already. Nice gesture of you guys to let people invade your place for the barbeque, good luck with organising it, and I hope it goes well!

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I would love to go, not sure if I will be able to (this coaster year is going to be more sporadic for me). To bad it's at magic mountain , I get about as excited going there as I do taking an Economics midterm. Of course this comes from someone who's home park is Castles n Coasters :shock:. Still it is a great idea and I bet it will be a blast so I will try my very hardest to go, even if it is magic mountain.

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Well, I'm pretty sure I can attend everything, except my dad would want to go with me because he hasn't met you (and really wants too) and hasn't been to SFMM since I was three. I'll RSVP later this week or in the following weeks. Hope I can attend everything since I would need my dad to come with me for the BBQ since you guys said under 16 must have responsible person. Oh well, my dad really wants to meet you two. I've told them how cool you guys are and how I want to travel and go on coasters like you two when I'm older. So, count me in on probably being there!

Brent "I only live an hour away from you and still haven't met you" Shenton 8)

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Is ANYONE attending this event? Besides me, only one person can attend. Everyone else seems to have a distance problem. Anyway I think I can attend. It will be a blast!

Kevin"Starting to live for the futre" Bujold

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