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Brockton Fair - 2006 photo TR

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Some photos from the Brockton Fair.. Not as good as years past but still not bad. Sadly the KMG Tango didnt show up


Overview of the "Thrill Ride" area.


Overview of the "Kiddie Land" area.


The Chance "Slingshot" was back.. And its still a joke.


Indy-500 the Zierer Flitzer


This year the Gravitron/Starship 2000 was running amazing...





How bootleg is this... The "Krosty Crab"


The Power Surge....


Yay it was running good this year.


Me on the KMG Speed.. Sadly I only rode it 3 times this year (down from 5 last) But I got a 18 lap cycle


The KMG Afterburner wasnt that good this year


The Chance Yo-Yo


Snake Girl was sick.. Or died.. Something like that.


Really big pig...




And a random Cow.

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I went last Thursday (wristband day) and ended up not getting a wristband at all, or riding anything except Speed for that matter. 10 dollars isn't all that much for this awesome ride, when I've seen similar rides charge over 20.


The lines were huge, and my beloved Tango was missing this year... oh well.


EDIT: Also, the Big E USED to have an awesome lineup when it had the Enterprise, the Moser Top Star Tour (G Force), Crazy Flip, Drop Of Fear, Mark 1 etc. but sadly it seems every year the number of good rides just gets thinner.

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Good god how I love that KMG Speed ... as long as the ride op is good .. the ride rocks.

Yeah last year I drop'd 40$ on it... And the op got all "l o l your back for more... Ill give you a free ride" so i got 5


And then this year my first 2 rides(back to back) had this girl would only gave 5 or so spins each way... But later in the day when I took my last ride the guy op from the year before gave me a super cycle.


For some reason this year the speed was all by itself. I only saw it go without me on it once. And then all 3 of my rides.. I was the only rider.

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^This year my girlfriend and I got like 3 passes in each direction, could have used a few more...


lol sucks for you! My last ride of the day had me go "front" around 8 times and 10 around "backwards" and when the ride slow'd at the end my car kinda hung up inverted for a bit

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Must've went on a bad night... I agree, it was weird where they set up Speed this year, tucked away into a corner near the race track. Last year it was set right near the midway entrance and from what I saw got a lot more riders.


My girl's obsessed with this ride, and was the reason why it was going around at all that night. She took a ton of ictures which I'll post here once she gets me the memory stick.

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I didnt get a chance to go to the Brockton Fair this year and i have not even gotten a chance to ride Speed either. All my friends hate going to fairs so i never went. Ill def try to get to it next year. There is also a fair at the Braintree mall this weekend. I was there on wednesday, the first day it opened, me and my cousins were gonna go but exactly at 6pm when it opened it started to downpour so they never opened up.

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Wow, I never thought I'd see my old high school in a Theme Park Review trip report (see giant soul-crushing complex in the background of the first pic.)


I haven't been there in years. Every year the Brockton Fair seemed to get a little smaller- now at least half of what it had been.


If you're itching to visit Brockton (City of Champions!) why not also check out the thrilling E-Ticket that is the shoe museum: http://www.brocktonma.com/bhs/shoe.html

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