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The Six Flags Magic Mountain (SFMM) Discussion Thread

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Wow I didn't remember the lake being that huge either and I remember '84 being my first year I can remember going to the park and being upset I wasn't tall enough to ride Revolution or Colossus I remember seeing that ski show I was 6, two year later in 86 I went for the Shockwave opening and was able to ride Rev and Colossus for the first time. I can't remember clearly but I believe it was by that time or by '88 we went for Ninja the lake was gone and the charm of the park has since been totally erased


Oh well we have 18 effing coasters j/k

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I only vaguely remember the lake, must have only seen it on my first trip to Magic Mountain. My most memorable time at Magic Mountain was in 1990, being at the park with a YMCA group with one of my brothers, it was just before Viper opened to the public and we got to preview it. I was 12 and terrified! But they also gave us hats that day with the Viper logo on it. (wish I still had it!)

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Went to the park for a bit today. Lex Luthor track looks to be on the tower, it looked like they were installing the brakes today (good thing).


Park was of course dead. I gave Revolution a courtesy ride and it wasn't that bad of a ride actually. Not great, but not the worst I had.


The two most interesting things that happened were:


Wonder if this was just coincidence?



And apparently IOA is a sponsor now.


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