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The Six Flags Magic Mountain (SFMM) Discussion Thread

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The "actually" was just a figure of speech on my part...


The ride did have a single rider line briefly last summer, and we had our best rides on it by using it. It seems now the ride won't spin whether it's unbalanced or not. That was the point I was making.


I guess in the end, the GP won't notice the difference...

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After my first two rides on Green Lantern, I had no idea what people were talking about when they said the ride was boring. I managed to get two flips on both rides, and got to experience one of the drops completely on my back. That was a bit painful, but a lot of fun with some great airtime. Now, my past three rides have been uneventful, with no more than one flip. My most recent ride had absolutly no flips.



Really, the GP, generally prefer height, speed, inversions, and floater airtime over ejector airtime and intensity. This is why the 2012 coaster will probably have inversions.

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On one of of the spins some part of the car just drove into the back of my ankles.


On one of my insane rides on Grona's Insane, a very similar thing happened to me. The rotation of the car forced my legs back and my legs/ankles hit the bottom if the seat.


But the ride was omg fantastic so I didn't care.

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Coaster Enthusiast Day for the general public? Alrighty...


Coaster Enthusiast Day 2012


Are you addicted to The Roller Coaster Rush? Join us at Six Flags Magic Mountain on Saturday, March 17, 2012 for Coaster Enthusiast Day. This special event ticket includes Park Admission, Exclusive Early Rider Time, Free Parking and MORE!


-Exclusive Early Rider Time (ERT) starts at 8:30am

-Stay two (2) hours later, after park closes, for more exclusive rider time

-Free parking until 8:30am is available (Parking is $15 after 8:30am)

-Ticket includes two meals - breakfast and lunch

-Plus, a few surprises you won't want to miss.


Limited quantity available. Call (661) 255-4806 for details.

Or buy tickets now by entering PROMO CODE: Coaster, at the top of the page.


Season Passes are not valid for this special event.

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I would have loved to have been able to attend WCB. I've always had an awesome time with the TPR gang, but it just wasn't to be this year due to some health issues I was dealing with. It was the first year that I'd missed WCB in, I think, 4 or 5 years now. I am now seriously considering this other event. I don't expect it to be the same as WCB, but I would expect it to at least be better than a "normal" day in the park. If somehow the event is better than WCB was, and I have seen the reports saying WCB at SFMM was a little "off" this year, then I'd take it as the park possibly trying to rectify the situation by providing enthusiasts another opportunity to visit when they're better equipped to show the guests a better time. I don't know if this event will end up working out for me, or not, but I am glad that there's at least the opportunity.

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We knew about this 'Enthusiast Day' long ago, we chose not to be part of it and to do our own event, exclusive, for our own members. It's basically the same event as ours, but marketed to the General Public and that other group. Trust me, it will not have the same 'feel' as WCB. If they want to treat this other random assortment of people better, it will just show all of us what the park is really thinking and we can focus more on other parks next year. Again, should I bring up the Knott's day? I have two gut feelings about this 'Enthusiast Day':


1. No one shows up, the park learns it's lesson and this event either doesn't exist next year or they tone it WAY down.


2. They market it enough so that tons of GP show up and it's not really a true 'enthusiast day'.


Either way, WCB lives on!

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Honestly, who cares? People complained last year that WCB was part of Magic Mountain's "Enthusiast Day", so this year we made sure we did our own event.


Stop complaining.


Be happy we got to do an exclusive TPR event this year.


'Nuff said. Let's move on to discussing something more important about the park.


Thank you.



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Hmmmm with the old monorail site to flashbacks old spot that's enough land for an attraction of it's own, then you have Log Jammers old area and the backside of the mountain which is enough for something huge...So could we possibly be looking at a multiple attraction 2013 at the Mountain

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^ Optimistic much? lol But in those pictures, did they wall off Flashback's area?



Yes they did wall off flashback's area that's why I'm so Optimistic that maybe more then one ride is coming in 2013, but if this is all for one major coaster I'm cool with that too.

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