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The Six Flags Magic Mountain (SFMM) Discussion Thread

Page 2228 - Wonder Woman Flight of Courage REAL POV!

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^Using some imagination, there is plenty of space for a turnaround in the old Spin Out and abandoned lower Dragon station.


Personally, I'm skepitcal about them ever using that tunnel again, but I'll certainly applaud them if they do.

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^ If they are truly removing the metro track, there is already a tunnel. Just sayin'.


I think an Intamin Multi-Launcher that would essentially follow the path of the old Metro track (with some elements of course) would be beyond awesome.


Any ride where you can "take the tunnel" is a good ride.


I still say Freefall was the scariest Drop Ride I've ever been on.


I had some of the most insane airtime on Freefall and I can honestly say I miss it......

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Off topic question, I'm putting together some numbers for a family trip to the mountain March 29-31ish. The sfmm site doesn't have any of the flash pass pricing up anymore (not sure if it's due to the offseason or what?), would anybody be able to give a ball park prediction of what gold prices will be for groups of 4 and 5? If not it's no big deal...Thanks in advance

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I'm all about the SFMM coaster collection but it's a blatent issue that if you aren't a coaster lover, then you have very few options at that park. The park boasts what, 5 flat rides? With the loss of Sierra Twist, Circus Wheel, Freefall (call it a flat?), and the Rotor (forget the park's name for it) among other rides in the park's history, It's really time to get some new flats in there to round things out. Toss in the loss of the monorail, and a flume ride, and your options are shrinking further. As much as I love coasters, I look at parks as a whole, and Magic Mountain has a noticable lack of variety outside of coasters.

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^According to Mitch Hawker's poll results, its most recent (and worst) ranking was 179 as a defunct coaster in 2007.


It bested only Grizzly in 2005:

174 Psyclone S.F. Magic Mountain CA 203 3 170 0 0.0173

175 The Grizzly Great America CA 123 0 173 1 0.0029

and in 2006:

178 Psyclone S.F. Magic Mountain ,CA 163 1 177 0 0.0056 37

179 The Grizzly Great America ,CA 86 1 176 0 0.0056 26

Note: Sorry about all the edits. I made some mistakes in my original post.

Edited by cal1br3tto
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^ There's a lot of records that have nothing to do with height.



tallest/fastest/longest are the only records a bunch of the GP would know of (I think)





edit: then there are the "most ______ on a ride"

Edited by bostonlva
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18th coaster. Most coasters in one park.



I would think they would be going more towards a "first(insert type of coaster) or longest/fastest etc record) Any coaster they build would come with the coaster crown record + if down the line they have to remove a coaster they would lose the crown. So i think the record they are talking about is more then just the "coaster crown"

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