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The Six Flags Magic Mountain (SFMM) Discussion Thread

Page 2228 - Wonder Woman Flight of Courage REAL POV!

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^^ Wes, You don't have to join the military to do that.


If American's weren't wimps, would we even need the military?


Gregg "Still trying to figure out how saying "American's are wimps when it comes to coasters" equates to "The Terrorists winning"" C.


But back to SFMM:


I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of construction has started going on with LLDOD and what's left of Log Jammer. And of course, the management presentation of LLDOD!!!

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With all due respect Robb, you should be thankful that people like me are "obnoxious" enough to defend Americans to the wire because if there weren't you sure as hell wouldn't be able to do what you do as a living(traveling around riding coasters). In fact the only reason your able to safely travel to other country's is because of people like me. I never said you don't know what your talking about because you probably do. I just saw people calling Americans wimps and I had to respond, being that it's technically my job. I had no idea the coasters industry was so stereotypical about Americans. Btw, that comment about me having a country to defend? I'm current on leave (vacation) and was planning to attend WCB but not anymore. I'll just sell my ticket and go do something better with my time. This is actually my brothers account but I thought I'd check out the site to see what's up being that riding rollercoasters is one of the only things I have to take my mind off the stressful environment I'm usually in. Thanks

You're using your choice of job with the military as justification to be a complete tool. That's awful. I won't tolerate that kind of inexcusable behaviour, and personally think you are setting a bad example for this counties armed forces division. Just because you serve a country does NOT make you entitled to do whatever the hell you want to. I respect that you serve in the military, but I have no respect for how you abuse that fact. You have been banned from this forum.



Edited by robbalvey
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Anyone remember back when they were going to announce a new ride (eventually Tastu) they tempted us with Mr.six peaking in and out of a curtain with the days counting down?


Anyway, since they are doing the clearing this early, how long till we start to see wooden stick/spray painted cement markings?

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^ If they are truly removing the metro track, there is already a tunnel. Just sayin'.


I think an Intamin Multi-Launcher that would essentially follow the path of the old Metro track (with some elements of course) would be beyond awesome.


Can you easily see the tunnel or is it hidden? Are there any pics of it? I don't remember ever seeing it.

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