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The Six Flags Magic Mountain (SFMM) Discussion Thread

Page 2218 - Wonder Woman Roller Coaster for 2022!

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If this was on purpose, why now? Why not a time when the park is usually less crowded? Why not summer, when they can run three trains?


Six Flags has maintenance procedures; they just don't make any sense.



v I was just thinking the same thing.

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I'm a little curious as to how they make it valley on purpose.

That brings up something interesting. Firstly, how would you do that on purpose...tighten up the wheels too much or what? And secondly, what if this was not on purpose (somehow) but was a mulfunction or even accidental and Carpenter is just saying publicly that it was intentional to dodge any bad press? Hmmm....

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I was at the park yesterday and took a couple of photos of some clearing being done. These pictures are of the former "High Sierra Territory" Metro Station. Looks like things are underway for next years attraction!


Some things have been removed on Log Jammer, but just little stuff.


Also, there was some land clearing done around the base of the Superman Tower.





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SFMM just couldn't convince families that they were trying and had enough for kids.


SFMM just couldn't make it work.


Exactly. And a lot of people knew this the second the "family" idea was introduced, even when the consensus thought it was a great direction for the park to move towards.


The Metro Station: Sad to see it going down. The park needs a transport ride badly, IMO. I know it was doomed but now that it's finally happening and Log Jammers gone it seems like that somewhat charismatic area will be changing soon, perhaps some future plan will be going down in that area. Hopefully something cool!

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The arcade, Paintball Alley, and Guest necessity are now closed.

That's good! I've always thought it's kind of stupid having more then one arcade in a park. I know arcades are moneymakers and I see from a business standpoint why they'd have more then one, but I think they're just wastes of space. I was hoping the entrance for LL would entail getting rid or repurposing these buildings.


Glad to see the High Sierra Metro station go. That area was one that would contribute to my occaisional rants about the park.

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Even though I want a coaster, and it'll probably be a coaster by SFMM standards, I really would be pleasantly surprised and also very happy if it isn't.


But who am I kidding?!

I doubt that it won't be a coaster, but if it isn't, I would expect a very nice flat ride... That would make me very happy.

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