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The Six Flags Magic Mountain (SFMM) Discussion Thread

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I'm still not sure whether S:TE is being painted its original colors or the rumored Blue Red and yellow/white.


S:TE has always been unpainted. It never had a color beyond the color of the metal.

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So... Intamin gave it that nice "rust touch-up" just for Six Flags?


Just Kidding. Anyways, the park looks amazing. considering what it was like last year. I love that park alot and it needs some TLC and attention. I think that the wisest move Six Flags made was selling its less popular parks and just sticking to the ones that were already huge. (aka, SFMM, SFGadv, SFFT, etc)


Some of the things at the park look amazing. I havent been on Ninja since the huge paint job but what I saw of it when I was there was amazing. Its nice to see that ride get some attention.


As far as getting new trains for X, I wish that they could wait to put them on. If they put the new trains on, it will take a while for them to test the ride before they can get it back open again. What happens if the ride is closed for another three or four months during the summer so they can put the trains on? I dunno if its such a good idea. The trains that they have right now are running really really smooth so it seems as though for now the new trains arent even needed in my opinion. But who knows.


I cant wait to get back to the park and check the new stuff out! All I have to say is keep it up Six Flags!

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Heard a little something interesting today on Mad Money talks with Cramer. According to Mark Shapiro, there is more than $10 million in improvements going into Magic Mountain this year. That's definitely a good chunk of money and at first I thought...where is all this money going. But then I thought about it and it certainly does add up. Keep these in mind:


* Removal of Psyclone

* Removal of Flashback (Fall 2007)

* Refurbishment and reopening of Metro (Fall 2007)

* Transformation of Chicken Plantation to Justice League Feast

* Transformation of Buongusto to Coldstone Limited

* Transformation of Carousel Grill to Johnny Rockets

* New paint job for Ninja

* Three Cool Media fixtures

* Resurfaced Car Park

* New in-park and out-park signage

* Increase in seasonal staff wages

* Increase in seasonal staff hiring

* Ride the Mountain amateur skate/BMX special

* Repaving of midways

* New paint job for Car Park trams



Also, Shapiro mentioned that for the first quarter of this season, Magic Mountain is responsible for most of the 7% increase in chainwide attendance. Turns out some good strategic marketing, park improvements, and a new face can really work wonders.


Listen to it here: http://videoplayer.thestreet.com/?clipId=1373_10356532&channel=Cramer+Executive+Interviews&cm_ven=YAHOO&cm_cat=&cm_ite=&puc=yahoo&ts=1179147525694

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I have always said that MM could draw a much better crowd than it has over the last few years. I am betting that at least as much money is poured into MM next year, and that our park becomes Shapiro's success story. I can't wait to see what he says about it in the next Q coference calls...

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A business trip snafu to San Diego has left me with Sunday as a completely open day to do as I please. I've chosen to drive up from San Diego and conquer SFMM...or at least do what I can in one day. However, I need some help and advice so that I can maximize this visit and hit up as many coasters as possible from opening to closing. I've never been there so don't assume that I know the geography of the park and all of the secret shortcuts to the respective rides. Just try and explain them to me based on the park map provided via the website.


I've gone through the SFMM Update thread and have taken in what information is there. I just want to make sure that it's current and up to date. My plan is to purchase a ticket on-line as well as flashpass. What I'd like to know about the flashpass is, can I process it outside of the park or do I have to be in the park to get my Q-Bot? The reason I ask about that is my desire to arrive early, be at the front of the "herd" and run to "X", as everyone has advised. That plan won't work if I have to get the Q-Bot inside of the park. Or, can I wait and pick it up after "X"?


If anyone wants to take this offline and provide me with some information, let me know. I don't want to clog the thread with too much personal request information.



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Thanks for the clarification on the Flashpass vs. G-Bot system. I just checked online, and it looks like the Flashpass is sold out for this weekend already. At least it won't allow me to add it to my shopping cart. Reading a little further, it looks like they only offer a limited number of those ticket packs per day.


Without the Flashpass, I'm sure I won't be able to power-ride and hit all of the coasters. I may, however, just venture to the park anyway and ride what I can. I just may have to reconsider the order in which I go about riding each coaster; most desirable to least desirable.

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Well, some of the rides do have Single Rider Liens now, so I guess you can wait to hit those. If you've noticed already, the ones with SRL are X, Riddler's Revenge, Ninja, and Deja Vu. So, defenitly go and hit Tatsu first if you aren't getting Flash Passes. Have fun!


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yes, but I believe they have a specific amount for online sale, and a specific amount for park sale...to make it fair. If you plan on getting there at opening, you shouldn't worry about them being sold out. FYI, they have raised the prices up by 5 dollars...so now weekdays they're 20 dollars and weekends 25 dollars.


Also, it's not as bad as it seems. Before my first visit, I assumed the park to be packed and that I wouldn't get everything down. On my first visit, I only missed 5 coasters [X Tatsu, Revolution, Colossus, and Superman] all which I got on my next visit. If you visit during the week, X and Tatsu have the smallest lines later on in the day. Some coasters don't have two train operation immediately so they pack up the lines fairly quickly. The more staffing the better.

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^ Hehe, no way. You'll be lucky if you even get three-quarters of the way up the tower now. I still think they should take it out and build a freefall ride.



is it from wear and tear or did they tone it down for any reasons?


that sucks, it looked like an awesome ride in its day.

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