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The Six Flags Magic Mountain (SFMM) Discussion Thread

Page 2228 - Wonder Woman Flight of Courage REAL POV!

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Since this will be more awesome than Kings Island's Intamin drop tower (which scared the crap out of me at the top), I can only assume that I will need some fresh boxers if I ride this.



Way to go, SFMM! And the awesome person who 'leaked' this out..


What is even more awesome is thinking about the Superman car and the drop tower riders 'falling' at the same time.. it's kind of a drop tower racer. Ok, that's stretching it, but still.

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^^^^Same. Could you imagine going up that tower and you were on the edge right at the spot where the car goes? Deafening!


Hopefully they'll put some sort of mufflers on Superman, but I don't think they'll end up doing that. Probably just time the launches in between rides so they aren't going up at the same time.

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16 per cycle? The park probably should build two more on the other face of Superman, allowing for 32 per cycle. Kennywood's drop tower holds more people than that, at 20 people. However, when I went, one of the cabins was out of service, while the queue was 3/5 full. Even with a pretty good crew, the line still moved pretty slow.


But, who cares? Its an Intamin. I've ridden KI's and KD's and find it hard to imagine another hundred.

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I'm shocked, and eating my own hat. Never thought this would be feasible. Pretty awesome though. I think its safe to say that this tower is now the BEST COMBO DROP TOWER IN THE WORLD. Tallest and fastest with 3 ways to ride including a launch (assuming the turn a superman car around)? Just plain sick is all I have to say.


Anyone else a little surprised were not seeing *some* kind of coaster installation to replace Deja Vu? Unless there's more in the article that's been deleted...

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^^^Will probably have to wait until 2013. Terminator replaced Psyclone a couple years after its demolition.


^^Wait...was there something that you saw which everyone overlooked????


Hopefully they'll put some sort of mufflers on Superman, but I don't think they'll end up doing that.


The sound you hear are the lateral wheels running against the center rail. The sound cannot be muffled.


Probably just time the launches in between rides so they aren't going up at the same time.


Right, like the park has any ability to organize anything remotely that complicated. They can't even keep wait times posted correctly on the signs in front of the attractions! My guess is yes, at random times you will hear Superman, but really, it's not that bad!


I am SO glad to see this is going to be an honest drop tower, not a controlled power one like S&S, where the weightlessness is limited. I have been on the Intamin drop tower on Gröna Lund and it was much better.


Is this a fair trade off for losing Deja Vu? I would say yes. But I am still going to really miss Deja Vu.

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^ Building something like **cough**Big Spin**cough** wouldn't take anywhere as long as demolishing a woodie and putting another woodie in it's spot. Plus, Deja Vu and Big Spin can't have THAT much of a different foot print. Plus there is already a good chunk of land cleared there.


Maybe this is the REAL reason RRE was moved.


I just can't see SFMM abandoning the coaster record a mere 2 months after they just got it.

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This ride looks amazing. I really didn't think it would be done, but I guess they've found some way to make it work. I'll bet it feels like you're falling forever on one of these things, and it will be a complete freefall all the way down. It may not be a coaster, but I'm probably more excited about this than I would have been for many coasters.


As for capacity, it holds 16, which is still more than most S&S towers. The eight seats on each side are all in a row, so they should be able to be checked fairly quickly. Also, I believe each side of the tower is operated independently, which should speed up operations. I do not know for sure how long the ride cycle is, but I could see the ride handling around 600 people per hour, which is probably comparable to or greater than most of the park's flat rides. I also don't think this will be as popular as a coaster, so I doubt the capacity will be an issue. It still has better capacity than Green Lantern, Deja Vu, or most of the park's coasters operated with one train.

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My guess - Drop Tower. On the side of Superman? Perhaps? Perhaps not? It's been done once before...sort of....


I seem to remember several pages back many were saying this was not possible, and 'somebody' mentioning that if they wanted to do it (Intamin) would find a way, so there you go.


But anyway this looks amazing!....WOW!

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Does someone have the article they can post?


They took the article down, it was posted prematurely (giggity).


You can still find the article in Google Cache(just without the pictures)

Six Flags unveils new attractions for every park in 2012


Six Flags unveils new attractions for every park in 2012

By Brady MacDonald Los Angeles Times Staff Writer


September 1, 2011, 3:30 a.m.


Six Flags unveiled its 2012 lineup of new roller coasters, thrill rides, water slides and live shows at the amusement park chain's 12 North American locations.


New Six Flags President and Chief Executive Jim Reid-Anderson said a full slate of new additions would become an annual event, promising to add a new attraction at "every Six Flags park every year."


Six Flags' 2012 attractions include two new roller coasters, two relocated coasters, three tower rides, three water slide complexes and at least one show.


Among the highlights:


Six Flags Great America (outside Chicago) – Billed as the only wing coaster in the United States, X-Flight by Bolliger & Mabillard will feature barrel rolls and high-speed drops with seats that straddle the 3,000-foot-long track.


Six Flags Discovery Kingdom (Northern California) – The Superman: Ultimate Flight launch coaster will rocket riders at 60 miles per hour through a towering 150-foot-high inversion and a pair of vertical twists.


Six Flags Magic Mountain (Southern California) – The Lex Luthor: Drop of Doom drop tower will be attached to both sides of the park's 415-foot-tall Superman: Escape from Krypton coaster tower. The new thrill ride will rank as the world’s tallest (400 feet) and fastest (85 mph) drop tower.


Six Flags Great Adventure (New Jersey) and Six Flags Fiesta Texas (San Antonio) – Both parks will install Sky Screamer swing towers for 2012. Six Flags built Sky Screamers of varying heights at Six Flags St. Louis (236 feet) and Six Flags Discovery Kingdom (150 feet) in 2011. No word yet on the ride heights at Great Adventure and Fiesta Texas.


Six Flags America (outside Washington D.C.) – The 100-foot-tall Apocalypse stand-up coaster will travel at 55 mph through a loop and a corkscrew along a 2,900-foot-long track. The 1990 Bolliger & Mabillard coaster, formerly known as Iron Wolf, will be relocated from Six Flags Great America near Chicago.


Six Flags New England (Massachusetts) – The 192-foot-tall Goliath inverted boomerang coaster will travel forward and backward at 65 mph through a cobra roll and a loop along a 1,200-foot-long track. The 2001 Vekoma coaster, formerly known as Deja Vu, will be relocated from Six Flags Magic Mountain near Los Angeles.


Six Flags St. Louis (Missouri) and Six Flags Great Adventure (New Jersey) – Both parks will add a Bonzai Pipeline looping water slide to their respective Hurricane Harbor water parks.


Great Escape (New York) – The Nordic-themed Alpine Freefalls water slide complex will be added to the Great Escape's Splashwater Kingdom water park.


Six Flags Over Georgia (Atlanta) – A 45th anniversary tribute show will join the park's entertainment lineup.


Six Flags Over Texas (Dallas/Ft. Worth), Six Flags Fiesta Texas (San Antonio), Six Flags Mexico (Mexico City) and La Ronde (Montreal) – Each of the parks will add a still-undisclosed ride, attraction or show in 2012.

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^ I'm telling you...if a park wants to do something bad enough...they'll figure out a way.


As for capacity, it holds 16, which is still more than most S&S towers.

But not most S&S Towers at major Six Flags parks.


I totally agree with you Robb. And its amazing the way they can work around and with things to accomplish a goal like this, nothing is impossible.

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Wow people have argued for years this couldn't be done I love to see internet engineers proven wrong lol, that is going to be one sick drop!


Its looking like Deja Vu area will be used for something big in 2013 imo, also the LA Times only made mention of two relocated coasters Vu, and Iron Wolf it said nothing about pandemonium leaving SFDK.

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