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The Six Flags Magic Mountain (SFMM) Discussion Thread

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^^He said:


We do need a good 2-3 minute intamin on the west coast though. What is there currently, just Xcelerator and California Screamin?


California Screamin' is a 2-3 minute Intamin on the West Coast. That was my point - he said the West Coast needed something, but then gave an example of that exact thing that already exists.



Haha I clearly forgot a "more" somewhere in my statement. I know CS is a decent length but why not have more Intamin on the west coast? It's kind of odd if you think about it, all of the Intamin in the US and they're cluttered in the North east/Midwest with a few scattered about for some reason.

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I'm still going with a drop tower. (Not in DV area.) And the Rocky Mountain treatment on Collosus.


Guy "This would make me very happy." Koepp


I like Colossus the way it is. At least the way it was this spring after it's renovation. It's too much of a classic to turn into a steelie. I never rode the Old Texas Giant, but I love NTAG! I've visited this park SFOT twice this year. I've never considered visiting it before.

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^^ remember this is company that was basically bankrupt and has what I'm sure is a very large amount of debt from the build tons of coasters years. I'm not surprised they are shuffling less popular rides around and retrofitting old ones into new experiences that are fully marketable while they continue to sort things out.


I suppose that makes sense. I'm not an economist but they probably do get a much higher rate of return from moving an existing ride to a new market than they would building something entirely new (or not doing anything at all). The GP doesn't know the difference.


From an enthusiast's standpoint it's crumby though lol. When will SF get back on it's feet?

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I like Colossus the way it is. At least the way it was this spring after it's renovation. It's too much of a classic to turn into a steelie.


Honestly, Colossus is boring - just a giant kiddie coaster; it's not necessarily rough, but seems to really slow down around the curves. With a makeover, it can be re-marketed, and will bring life to that area of the park.



I never rode the Old Texas Giant, but I love NTAG! I've visited this park SFOT twice this year. I've never considered visiting it before.


See.. this is how the GP would respond; make Colossus worth riding again, and SFMM can draw people from out of the area, which is what they desperately need to do (cough, drop-off the kids for cheap babysitting, cough)



So honestly, I'm perplexed by your response.. Knott's Ghost town is a 'classic', but doesn't cater to the demands of today's crowds. Same with Colossus.. it used to be so awesome that people were ejected from it; now, it simply provides views of the parking lot to see how busy the park is.

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It's official! Deja Vu is moving east!


By Brady MacDonald Los Angeles Times Staff Writer


August 19, 2011, 2:07 p.m.

Well, that didn't last long.


Six Flags Magic Mountain will relinquish sole ownership of the coveted title of "Roller Coaster Capital of the World" later this year when the Valencia, Calif., amusement park removes one of its record-setting 18 coasters.


Magic Mountain boasted of nabbing the coaster title when the Green Lantern: First Flight spinning coaster officially opened in July. The removal of Deja Vu will move Magic Mountain back into a statistical tie with Cedar Point in Ohio, which also has 17 coasters.


> Coaster showdown: Cedar Point vs. Magic Mountain


> Top 10 coasters: Cedar Point | Magic Mountain


Deja Vu is expected to close in October, meaning Magic Mountain will have held the uncontested coaster crown for a mere four months.


Built in 2001, the Vekoma boomerang-style Deja Vu coaster with suspended cars features a 102-foot-tall loop and a 110-foot-tall cobra roll, with riders traveling along the 1,200-foot-long track twice, once forward and once backward, according to Roller Coaster Database.


Prone to down time and rough rides, Deja Vu is one of my least favorite coasters at the park and will not be missed. Similar versions of the outdated ride have been disappearing from bigger parks around the world, finding new homes and extended lives at smaller parks.


Deja Vu is expected to be relocated to Six Flags New England, with an official announcement anticipated in early September. The local planning board recently approved plans for a giant inverted boomerang coaster at the Massachusetts amusement park.


The move is a curious one, considering Six Flags New England already has an older, smaller, shorter and slower model of the Vekoma boomerang-style inverted shuttle coaster called Flashback.


Deja Vu will replace the Shipwreck Falls shoot the chutes water ride at Six Flags New England. The park has no plans to remove Flashback.


Deja Vu is expected to open with a new name at Six Flags New England in summer 2012. Expect to see Six Flags relocate more old rides to new parks within the amusement chain for 2012.




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They were waiting for the CW announcement for confirmation on a Giga/Hyper combo so SFNE could do a Inverted Boomerang/GIB combo, isn't it obvious?


Lol! I Guess that's true!


Six Flags just always has to be a step ahead of Cedar Fair.

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^^Deja Vu is way better than the other types of boomerangs. It's less rough than the Invertigos, which are less rough than the originals.


Agreed. Deja Vu has got to be the best boomerang out there (made by Vekoma at least). And now Six Flags New England will have 3 lovely Vekomas... Awesome-not.


Also total article fail from the LA Times, pretty sure he said that SFNE already has a boomerang inverted car ride... As much as we'd all love to combine Boomerang and Mind Eraser into one giant pile of steel gunk, I just don't think that's realistic. We also should send him to ride one of the other Deja Vus and ask him which one he prefers.


Now the sitting/waiting for what SFMM decides to do with this plot of land.

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