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The Six Flags Magic Mountain (SFMM) Discussion Thread

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I was very pleasantly surprised to see X not only open, but running two trains and having a surprisingly fast moving line yesterday with one of the fastest crews I have ever seen. It was running well, and it was even smoother than usual in the 4th row. However, I was a little upset about what seems to be a new "no more preferred seating" rule; when my friend and I asked to wait for the front row, we were told "no" in no uncertain terms by the grouper. They might have to do this due to the huge crowd yesterday and to keep the line moving, but it seemed as if they were being a little unnecessarily strict about it.

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^ yeah they did that to me too when I was there last time too. X is running surprisingly well. (im pretty sure they moved the person who was doing the quick dispatches at Tatsu on X and now Tatsu's dispatches suck. Glad to see they worked everything out with X. Where you able to find out what happened with it?

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^Actually, Tatsu was doing slightly better yesterday. It was running three trains and both stations, as well as both sides of Flash Pass yesterday, and was only a 10 minute wait with Flash Pass, although the regular line stretched all the way down to where Ninja crosses over the pathway. The line for X was averaging a 1.5 hour wait yesterday, and I heard reports of 2-3+ hours for the non-Flash Pass line for Tatsu. I believe it as I don't think I have seen it this crowded since the summer. The parking lot was full yesterday, and we parked at the far edge of the gravel/overflow lot when we got there at 2. Even the bathrooms had lines. So with that considered, the crews were doing a pretty good job. I might post a full TR here in a few.


As far as what happened with X, all that I heard was that there was a malfunction with a part at the top of the lift last week and they were able to get a new part in and get it replaced by yesterday. I seriously think the lift problems have a lot to do with the trains/weight of the trains. There are allegedly new trains on order like the improved ones for Eejanaika that will go in for next season. From what I have been hearing, they will be the same size, and not less rows but just lighter and sporting the on board computer that the Eejanaika trains have.


In re the seating, while I understand it may be necessary, if they are moving to an assigned seating system, I think that needs to be posted or they need to have a response ready for people who request specific seats as to why they are doing no preferred seating rather than just a curt "no". While I was disappointed that we couldn't wait for the front, the friend I was with was absolutely furious about it and even more so that he felt the grouper was being rude about it.

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When Batman first opened they had assigned seating. That is better. I was at SFOT today and there were too many trains leaving with single riders. There was one train that i saw leave with 4 single riders. That happens at a lot of parks. They need to assign seats and fill up each train. it will make the line go faster

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Im probably gonna finally go again next weekend.



I just hope that X is fixed by then, and that all the rides are open (accept Flashback of course)

I would not get my hopes up i talked to a mechanic whos a friend Brian he says it looks like its another major lift part that failed and they have the part on the way god 30 tons on that lift every time thay cycle a train they need a more powerful motor


Actually there are 2 motors...


Say hi to Biff for me!!


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What if colossus was fully retracked, got new PTC 6 seater trains, magnetic brakes, midcourse brake removed, actually raced.. paint... Now that would be about 5000000000X better than it is now.


I totally agree. I think they could do it, Honestly. They got Psyclones trains, which helps with that. But magnetic brakes, a LOT of paint and a retrack would do the ride very well!!!


Although currently it is still a fun ride.



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New food location updates:




Boungusto window paper is now down, giving us a small view into the almost complete Coldstone.


Carousel Grill now has a wall up, for a transformation to Johnny Rockets.

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