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The Six Flags Magic Mountain (SFMM) Discussion Thread

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SFMM has officially done away with the old atmosphere "area" music in the park, and has switched to more "contemporary", recognizable songs. (Gotham City Backlot has remained untouched.)


Im going to miss the all the ooh ee-ooh-ah-ah-ing that got stuck in everybodies heads at sfmm.

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Eh....I've heard the new music...and honestly I don't like the change. Sure I like the songs they play, but it doesn't really go under the "Family Friendly" category. Just like the radio station that was there a week or so ago.



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^ No, the radio station was playing gangster rap. Around the park they're just playing 'hit' songs...I know I heard some Red Hot Chili Peppers the other day. So its not that the songs are bad....I would just rather have themed music in each area. I see that as being more family friendly I suppose.


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So wait.. no more Asian music up on Samurai Summit anymore? That sucks.


I haven't even been there with the new music yet, and already I have a feeling that I liked the themed music better. The only exception was when I was riding Ninja about 2 years ago... in a fluke, the TV's were working, and they were playing a Muse video, which was totally cool.


Otherwise, I hope I'm not walking around with my fingers in my ears all day (by the way, how loud is this new music?)

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^ I haven't heard any music at the top that's changed. As of Wednesday it was still the same Asian looping songs. I've heard the 'new' music in the front plaza along with the Goliath area. I'm sure there's other midways that play it too.


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When I walked the park today, Baja Ridge and Gotham City were the same as normal. Six Flags Plaza, Goliath Plaza, and Colossus County Fair were all the new music. (These 3 areas I believe, are connected in Park Sound.)

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When I worked on Summit for a short time there was a working TV near where I was. I recall it playing Faint by Linkin Park, something by Simple Plan, a band that sounded exactly like Incubus but was not really Incubus, and the single most annoying song in history, something by Junior Senior. So there always has been, to at least some degree, modern pop music playing up at Summit.

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A short update for Friday the 13th.


A Listerine infiltration, Festival Latino, new signs, and more *yuck* employees.




This picture...um, well.....


Despite all the weird things, it was a great day at the park. It was pleasantly crowded, but I had the chance to ride the smaller coasters and some flat rides.


Drinking in front of guests faces.


You know, I'd understand if it was water, and it was a hot day, but neither was the case.


And this fun employee with her shirt untucked, and drinking soda, spilling it all over the midway.


This fun employee on the phone...

...what else is new?


New baby geese.



At least the midways were VERY clean today!







Festival Latino tomorrow.


New Listerine sponsorship. I saw at least 4 signs or banners up in the park. "Billboard Mountain"?



New wait time signs at some of the rides.



New kiosks in Colossus County Fair. (Also one by Waterfront in Movie District.) I am assuming (and REALLY hoping they are info kiosks!)


Coldstone still to come. (Coldstone and Johnny Rockets is now listed on the park map, with no mention of "comming soon", so I have seen people disappointed when they get to the locations to see the "comming soon" signs.


We'll start w/ new things:


Here we see the new construction at Chicken Plantation for the soon to open "Justice League Feast".

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^ I care.


When I was there I didn't see anything too horrible. Any cell phones I saw was usually just when they got relieved and brought it out to call someone as they were leaving the exit.


The thing that bugged me is that seriously no one was having a good time, everyone was lazy and the dispatch times suffered because of it. A totally different experience at Knott's Berry Farm the day before. The Knott's ride operators had the most energy I have ever seen at a park, and were quick as a whip.


Which brings me to a question. I was going to write my final research paper for english regarding the safety of Magic Mountain. But after seeing the difference in ride operators I want to explore why the Knott's ones are better and try to do research so that I can make a suggestion on what parks can do to hire better people or train them better.


If anyone has any info or can refer me to any sites that record dispatch times at different parks, pay scales, etc. please let me know.

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^ I have access to plenty of people who have been to both parks recently to draw on their experiences as well.


Why do you think I would have asked for additional information/websites or experiences regarding this topic if I thought I could write a research paper based on my single experience alone?

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At least let the employees drink something! From that picture, all I could see was just someone drinking a soda, she was not work at a ride. I would not care if some ride attendant was drinking a soda while working. Something like that is not important, but talking on a cell phone, now that's important!

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My opinion on the Employee cellphone/drink thing is this.


I hate employees who text/talk on their cellphones while at work. Although I don't mind if they check their phone for the time like I see many people do. However, cellphones should remain out of sight.


However, as for food and drink. No food while at the panel. However, they should be allowed to carry a bottle of water. Again folks, the ops sit there at the panel for hours on end and add the hot summer days as another variable and thats why I think employees should be allowed to drink water (and only water) in the station.

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