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The Six Flags Magic Mountain (SFMM) Discussion Thread

Page 2218 - Wonder Woman Roller Coaster for 2022!

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Has anyone used Military discount tickets ? My brother is in the Military and is going with us but he wont show up till mid afternoon do they ask for id if using the military ticket that was purchased at a base?


No, you do not need to show id. I've done it many times.

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This will definetly need a HUGE queue. Especially given the fact that I hear MM crews are slow as hell.


Actually, with its lower capacity, it probably will not need that huge of a queue. The shorter line will still have a sign at the end of it saying '3 hours from this point,' which should be enough to keep it from being a mile long.

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Can we keep it on topic please this is not the military thread, or the brother thread, or the "visiting in the afternoon" thread or the discount thread this is the Magic Mountain thread.


K thanks.



I don't mean to come off as an @$$ but Hanno's doing his job I don't believe there's a need to be sarcastic towards him for it and towards someone who's asking a serious question. Anyways I agree on the queue needing to be extra large. I can just see the queue being constantly full under SFMM's operations. Ride looks great and it's coming along fast.

-Cookie "Don't mean to start an argument" Iorio

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^Face it. The queue is going to move very slowly no matter who is operating the ride. Not even Disney can build a good-capacity wild mouse; even at the slowest operated parks, the wait time to be allowed to send out a train is almost always longer than the actual time it takes to check the seats. Should I go to SFMM, I might consider a Flashpass. I have been itching to try out one anyway, even if I may have to pay an extra fee for GL.

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I have a really stupid question, just bear with me because I am way out of the loop when it comes to the coaster community. Is Batman: The Ride going to be closed until Green Lantern opens? If it is, I will be super bummed out because I won't be able to ride my favorite ride at SFMM on Tuesday when I visit the park for the first time in years.

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^I think X2's line will diminish as the day wares on while Green Lantern is still new. Look for example on Apocanator's opening day people would run looking for Termpocalypse and they'd see X2 and run to it. I got 4 rides walk on before the people got there on OPENING DAY. So I think where Green Lantern is the "Running of the Bulls" is still gonna go to X2 first then people will start to see oh Green Lantern's new and over there.


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Swung by the park today... DAMN what nice weather! I wish I could have stayed longer.


Anyways, it looks like Goliath still has problems with cars getting stuck on the lift hill. They have made the reboot process go from 20-30mins to about 3mins in a few months which is nice.


They removed the audio car from Terminator... I couldn't see if that was already posted or not so there you go.



Finally, as others have said, "Colossus is super smooth."


End of Line.

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I can't imagine it would be too much of a project to add another air gate and another car to the end of the train. Any help with capacity would be very welcome on Apocalator, even if it is only 2 more seats.

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I went this past Saturday, and Green Lantern is looking great. They're almost done with it, just have the top piece to put on. Also got to see Road Runner. I find it funny that that is still the Mr. Six train oh well, at least it's finally up. Good job Tim Burkhart! haha

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Hi all,


I've been lurking here for a couple of weeks, have read through at least 400 pages of this thread alone. My name is Ron, I'm a SCV native, worked at Magic Mountain in the mid 90's, for 3 seasons in the games area at rapids camp. I have never liked roller coasters, had this fear of falling, in fact the biggest coaster I had been on had been Batman and the coaster at California Adventure. That was up until a few weeks ago, went to MM, it had been over 16 years, and decided I'd ride Tatsu since the drop looked pretty tame, wow was the loop absolutely sick. I was hooked, but it was late in the day and had spent most of the time with my daughter in bugs world and on Log Jammer (she is only 2.5 years old) as well as many rides on the carousel. Since we went a few weeks ago all I could think about was riding Tatsu again and trying some of the other rides. Back when they put batman in the park, I rode it for a few hours, I think 7 or 8 rides back to back to back, and while riding thought it would be so cool if they had a ride with the track above where you were laying down, of course Tatsu is the perfect fit I had promised my niece and nephew I'd go on X2 the next time we came, I think that was more to get myself to ride it since I couldn't back out on my word.


Well today we went back out for another great day. We got to the parking lot at 10:20, there was hardly anyone there, got to the front and they had just opened the gates, went through the discover line and decided to head to Tatsu while everyone ran to x2. Got the 2nd train on x2, rear row, so much fun, what a way to wake up in the morning with a nice cold breeze. We then hit up Apoc, road 2 times without getting off, could have kept going but my stomach and head were a bit jostled. Hit up gold rusher for some nostalgia, then over to Riddler's Revenge. I think this was my favorite ride of the day. Then off to scream , was pretty fun. Finally we met back up with my wife, played in bugs world, and got some lunch at the lodge.


After some more fun at bugs world, we headed back towards apoc and then my niece got there. We skipped on Apoc for a 3rd time because it was running one train and was probably an hour way. So we headed up the hill and rode Tatsu for another stellar ride, then down the hill to x2. I was a bit nervous, but after riding so many new rides today and enjoying every moment, I just relaxed and enjoyed the ride. We sat in the 2nd row from the back, I got the inside. My nephew said the side of the train we were on was the good one. So off we go, having no idea what to expect on that first drop. Keep in mind before two weeks ago I had never ridden anything close to these rides and I don't like drops (at least I didn't think I did Heading up the lift it was super bright out, but cool. We get to the top and my nephew says "here we go", I forgot that there was the little drop first and expected to drop right away, nope a little bit longer then we flip to facing down, that was pretty sick. Honestly I didn't feel the dropping sensation, but enjoyed every second of it. Rest of the ride was pretty sick, cool all around, and now I could mark another one off the list. Unfortunately the music and fire was turned off, that will be a plus the next time we go, would love to do it at night. Tatsu and Riddler's are still on the top of my list at this point.


Finished up the day with some more bugs world and a ride on Jet Stream with the little one. Thought about another trip on Tatsu, but decided we'd be back soon enough and was already pretty warn out from the day.


So this non-coaster guy did:


2 x Tatsu

2 x Apoc

1 x Scream

1 x Riddler's

1 x X2

1 x Jet Stream


No wait on Tatsu, Apoc, Scream or Riddlers in the morning. 20 minute on X2 and Tatsu in the later afternoon. What a great day. I guess you could say I'm a coaster guy now. Next time we go will hit up Viper, Deja Vu, Colossus and maybe even Goliath (although that first drop looks pretty narly). I'll have to work my way up to Superman, not sure it's for me. GL was looking great, so few pieces left, I think I will dig this ride to.


Anyway thanks for this great resource, and I'm glad to say at 33 I finally let myself enjoy riding these attractions. Sorry for the long post, wanted to share my experience with you all. Can't wait to head back, maybe next weekend

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