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The Six Flags Magic Mountain (SFMM) Discussion Thread

Page 2228 - Wonder Woman Flight of Courage REAL POV!

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One additional item to add to the Magic Mountain critique by others. There was an incident on Riddler around 6PM today Sunday. A guest decided to jump the low fence where Freefall was to retrieve a hat (like most idiots). They had to hit the "e-stop" and "upset the apple cart." How stupid can the GP be??? I'm sure soon you'll see a taller fence in that area to slow down these idiots.



Typical idiot disregarding warning signs and fences, risking their life (and causing a huge inconvenience for others) over a stupid hat! I hope security ejected that moron from the park.

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The fact is if you choose to visit SFMM between Nov-april (when most other parks are closed), you're going to have to deal with less trains available, whether you like it or not. As usual, we're talking about two sides of the same thing.


Which other parks in their market are closed?


Just because it is a fact Six Flags is being cheap doesn't mean everyone should be OK with it. I've seen firsthand how much work can be done to a coaster in a week. I do actually have some firsthand knowledge of the maintenance department at SFMM. It CAN be done. Six Flags choosing not to do it is a reflection of the new management team. It's probably going to lead them right back into bankruptcy, but that's a story for another day...


The park is now open daily. It's spring break (which is the only reason I visited the park: my friend was on spring break). It's extremely frustrating for any guest to have 1 train running on any of the rides.

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Rode Deja Vu, crew seemed to be a bit better than what JJ728 reported yesterday, so that was good. My son has now ridden every coaster in the park (until the two new ones open).


Rode Colossus, and I have to say ... the re-tracking they did on the first two drops ... WOW. They were very nice and smooth. There were a couple of other parts where you could tell they had done some re-tracking throughout the ride, but the first two drops were the most noticeable improvements. I hope they end up doing the rest (and soon).

That's good to hear. It was opening day for the season so I guess I should have been a little nicer.


Colossus's retracking did make a big difference. It definitely had smoother drops then previously, which made a very nice ride. The MCBR was the only area I could see needs some improvement. I thought the train was going to fly off the track when it hopped up on the brakes!

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Good news!!! They're finally starting work on BJ's BBQ outside of the entrance to Riddler. They were taking down the Edwardo's sign when I was there. I miss the old BBQ place that was there last season.


Still no work on Green Lantern yet - nothing vertical.

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Good news!!! They're finally starting work on BJ's BBQ outside of the entrance to Riddler. They were taking down the Edwardo's sign when I was there. I miss the old BBQ place that was there last season.


Still no work on Green Lantern yet - nothing vertical.

It's good to hear of some progress. It seems like the park has been frozen in time in terms of construction lately. That BBQ was good, and lets hope this is just as good!

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I went to the park on Saturday and it was a great surprise to see Deja Vu running, and Superman Backwards it is a great upgrade, i rode superman a few years ago and i didn't like it very much but now it's a totally different experience, i really love it.


i get in to the park at 10 a.m. and i headed to Tatsu, i made a 20 minutes wait.

then i headed to Deja Vu hoping to see it running, the wait line was about 15 minutes.


And it was the same history in Riddlers revenge.

the next was batman, the wait line was minimum, but when it was my turn in the ride, something happened, the restraints stoped working, the operators unloaded the train and send it empty. after that everything was fine.

then the wait time in scream and colossus was really minimum.


Then Goliath, i made a 1 Hour wait, while i was waiting i saw superman running one side, and then, both sides start working, and it was nice to hear the noise of the speed.

after riding goliath i took a break to get something to eat.


after a nice chicken strips i head to Viper, and it was definitively, the most painfully ride i've ever had.

the restraints hurt my shoulders, and the ride was really really shaky, i ended up dizzy.

after that weird experience i ran in to X2, and the wait it was the longest of the day 1 hour and 40 minutes. but it worth every single minute. i rode X and i loved it but now X2 was way better.

i really loved the sound track, and the heart beat before the first drop was awesome.


After that great ride, i headed to SEFK, with both sides running i made a 60 minutes wait.

the acceleration was awesome, and G force that it feels it's just great, but the most amazing thing is the view from the top, that makes the ride perfect.


After a great experience in SEFK i went to Apocalypse, and besides the torture of the wait and the pre-show, the ride is really funny, and in the night makes it even more funny. and i ended up with a big smile in my face.


The last ride was tatsu again, and riding it in the night was great.

i hope to return to the park in the summer.

thanks and sorry for the bad grammar..

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Hi everyone. I will be visiting Magic Mountain on Wednesday, April 20, 2011.


1. Do you think a gold flash pass would be a good idea on that day?


2. How many minutes do I have to wait after riding a ride before I can use the gold flash pass again?

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^I can't really answer question 1, having never been to Magic Mountain but the way the Q-bot works is that your are allowed to reserve your next ride as soon as the current ride reservation has been completed. As soon as you scan your q-bot with the Flashpass team member your able to sort through the list and pick your next ride to reserve. Generally, most rides (at my park anyway) merge their Flashpass lines with the normal queue once you get into the station. During the time you're waiting for your time in the station you could already be virtually waiting in line for another ride.

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With the FlashPass you can actually select more than one ride at a time.


Let's say you queue up Viper then Revolution. When your time is up at Viper, and it's scanned at the FlashPass entrance, then your time for Revolution will begin. We did this at SFDK last year and it worked great.


As for if you will need the pass, it's Spring Break for a LOT of schools including LAUSD (Los Angeles). So I would expect the park to be busy that week. Still, it may not be too bad, it's more of a wait and see thing IMO.


Inexpensive Snacks? You are at an Amusement Park, they don't typically exist. Expect to pay $4-$6 for things like Popcorn, Ice Cream, Dippin' Dots, Soda, etc.

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Thanks Sir Clink. I will probably buy a gold pass as "line insurance."


Being the cheapskate I am, I will probably just buy M&M's candy for $4 or whatever the price is.


Or smuggle some food in.


Or order a pizza from Valencia to be delivered to me at the front gate. It would be very ironic to order a papa john's pizza from downtown valencia to have it delivered to magic mountain.


To change the subject, a business idea would be for someone to spend everyday at the top of the tower and post live updates of ride waits, and which rides are closed. He could charge people for this info.


Another question: Are there any L0ckers OUTSIDE the park that I could use to stash food?

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