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The Six Flags Magic Mountain (SFMM) Discussion Thread

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^ At least they are trying to improve the park, and that show they are still trying to get this park higher standards. And with all the paint and restoration going around, I am sure that SFMM will receive new signage soon.


I suppose you would be right. Psyclone torn out; Flashback's pending demolition; Ninja repainted; The Riddler's Revenge queue house refurbished; resurfaced parking lot; Thrill Shot reopened...


But honeslty, I expected a bit more. Considering a lot of other lower-key parks in the chain have received much more extensive and dramatic cosmetic improvements, Magic Mountain really hasn't "improved" by any great measure -- especially when Shapiro firmly noted that 2007 was the year of "park beautification" and everything goes into "full swing." If my gut instinct doesn't fail me, we'll see everything go to crap (operations, upkeep, etc.) once summertime rolls around -- a repeat of 2006 if you will.


Then again, some might think my expectations may be set too high. One small step at a time I guess? I have my fingers crossed.

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From what I understand, about half of these projects will be tackled in the Spring and half in the Fall, allowing them the summer to focus on operations.


Also, some of the refurb work is beyond what you and I may see, as it's much-needed infrastructure work. Dont necessarily know why I'm sticking up for the park--just in my perspective, I saw Shapiro's remarks to be sort of hollow--to see some of it actually being carried through is quite impressive for me!






Oh, and a big thanks for the photos, to Amanda and Top Thrill Dragster! I'm intrigued to see Colossus's handrails getting some paint!



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But honeslty, I expected a bit more. Considering a lot of other lower-key parks in the chain have received much more extensive and dramatic cosmetic improvements, Magic Mountain really hasn't "improved" by any great measure -- especially when Shapiro firmly noted that 2007 was the year of "park beautification" and everything goes into "full swing."

You also gotta remember that up until December, they were planning on selling the park. Some of those other chain-wide improvements were probably in the planning stages LONG before December.


So my guess is that the "sale" probably delayed SFMM getting any of those changes until 2008.


--Robb "My gut feeling tells me the Psyclone land will be used for that." Alvey

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Colossus's handrails getting some paint!


My thoughts exactly! You and I were talking about this before! Im glad to see this is happening. As of right now I want to see a couple of things...


As for the means of Paint, Goldrusher and Colossus REALLY need it! Hopefully the rails being repainted will help lead to a total repaint of the entire ride! IMO, Superman SHOULD be last priority. The ride is just fine the way it is, its and eyesore, and always will be.


Massive repaints need to happen throughout the park, old giftshops need to be ripped out etc. So this means, sit back and wait time!



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I agree about the parking lot being resurfaced that was soo needed. When we were there in December in the handicap lot it was so bad that you could see two different sets of lines. I parked in what looked like a spot. It was early so it was right by the guy that stops foot traffic for the trams on the corner. He sat and watched us all get out of the car and then told me I had to move the car when he was within shouting distance the whole time. Next I do not know what the answer is but there is an issue with the trams. If the parking lot has been open long enough to move acouple of stops down every single tram that stops by the handicap spots is already full. This is not that big of a deal for me because I am addicted to theme parks and I know I am going to be in serious pain from walking anyways so the distance from the lot to the front gate is not much more. I feel for the people that are in worse shape maybe planning on renting a wheelchair in the park and can not get on a tram for the life of them. Thank god I just had lap band surgery and am already feeling next to no pain( And yes my main reason for having the surgery is to be able to fit on more than just Goliath, Revolution, and Viper!). Sorry I went long but it feels good to get the parking lot thoughts off my chest...lol.

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Finally, new park maps. SFMM desperatly needed them anyways. Also, while reading MiceAge I came aross a Knott's PTR that says something pretty funny (takes place during the stunt show):

However, there was one moment in the show well worth repeating. When the good guys caught the head bad guy they told him


"We are going to send you to the place that all hardened criminals go"


His response.


"You mean I'm going to Six Flags ???"


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Update on new entertainment offering, and other stuff:


New stilt walking characters will appear in high traffic areas in the park on weekends until summer, when they will be in the park every day. Here are some pictures of the in park rehersals today without make up and costumes.


The stilt walkers may be in costume and make up tomorrow in the park between 7pm and 10pm.


First day is this Saturday.


If you see any of them...um please take some pictures and post them...uh, thanks!


Toward the bottom is the new Wii station in Psyclone Bay.




End of the afternoon parade.


A display case for Six Flags Kids in High Sierra Territory.




Spring Break out from last weekend. Skateboard competition outside of Gotham City Backlot.


Inside the Wii Station


New Wii Station in Psyclone Bay. (Not a restroom.)




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So what the HECK is the point of these Stilt Walker people? Seems to me like its a way to WASTE more money! Go SFMM!!!




Great Adventure has them and there very cool to watch. They dress up and juggle and do all kinds of crazy stuff.

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The purpose of the stilt walkers is to bring the entertainment to the guests. Instead of having a large scale show in Magic Moments Theater such as the Chinese Acrobats, or Hot Ice, they will present a Mad Scientist Show for the whole family.


Instead of guests having to go into the theaters with their own free will, we are bringing the show to the guests. Each stilt walker will have their own very unique, almost cirque-like costume. There will be "The Ringmaster" in Center Ring Games, an Aztec in Pirates Cove, Walking trees later on in High Sierra Territory, a Salsa Stilt Dancer in Baja Ridge, and a Ball Gown Masquerade Mistress in Movie District.


When Memorial Day Weekend rolls around, they will also add a bird, a peacock, a beatle, and a few more.


Not all of them are meant to talk, but purley to have a unique photo op for guests. You must agree it is pretty different for SFMM.


The guests reaction was mostly: "Woah, how high is that." , "That's really cool.", "Is that hard to do?", "Where can I buy those.".......


It will be interesting to see if there is a change in the reaction when costume and make up is added.

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^ How intimidating do you think it was for guests yesterday when they walked around a corner and saw 12 people about 8 feet tall walking toward them at night in one group?

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