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The Six Flags Magic Mountain (SFMM) Discussion Thread

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I can answer some of those that aren't SFMM specific...


About re-riding... lol, of course you'll piss people off. People get in the stations and count out groups so they get to ride together and then when someone re-rides it screws it all up. The question is, is pissing people off a pro or a con to getting it? lol


With the platinum pass, yes, you can go back and re-ride again but the q-bot needs to "wait in line" again.


As far as X2 I don't know. When X was new, they didn't even offer fastlane on it (that was back when they just gave you tickets). As far as Superman, I'm guessing the lack of flash pass is probably due to the relatively low capacity and the high demand they are expecting. That's just a guess though, I could be wrong on it.

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Today was Media Day for the all new Superman Escape From Krpyton at Six Flags Magic Mountain.


Theme Park Review was lucky enough to be there and bring you some photos, video, and information. The ride itself is a big improvement over how the ride has been run the past 10+ years. You're back to being launched at over 100mph, hitting a spot right at the top of the tower, and you're doing all of this backwards!




Check out our video of opening ceremonies, ride POV, and rider cam featuring Robb & Elissa!


I suppose this is us!


We got to walk through some backstage areas of the park to get to the big event.


That's not backwards, that's upside down!!!


She's almost tall enough to ride the new kiddie coaster! Yes yes, I know they lowered the restriction, just making a little joke! =)


They had this really cool podium made of ice. This was an awesome idea, however with the sun beating down on it and global warming upon us it was melting and causing all sorts of problems with the microphone. Remember kids, Electronics and Water don't mix!


Whatever you do, do NOT push the red button!


New Park President Bonnie Rabjohn made some remarks about the park and new coaster.


ACE was represented at the event as well. He was by far the best dressed of them and even still looks somewhat embarrassed.


Boys & Girls Club president was there along with tons of kids that probably should have been in school.


Aww crap, someone pushed the red button. In reality there was a bit of a delay as the ride had timed out due to the ceremony going long. At this point we were convinced the ride was actually called "Superman: Escape from Confetti".


On our way to the ride we ran into Gertrude, but she didn't have the proper credentials for Media Day and was sadly turned away.


Before (Two weeks ago)...


After (New Hotness).


Fortress is now green and still sporting some wet paint.


They have also added this pod/space ship thing to the pre-boarding area.


New groupings.


Some of the paint/wraps are 'interesting', this one is probably the best looking graphic on the trains.


In case you've been living under a rock, here's a closeup of the new train.


The restraints are MORE THAN FINE! I rode today, seriously, they're so roomy and FINE! Stop complaining! Plus if you're small like me, the smallest setting on them still leaves plenty of inches of air time!


We ran into these freaks after riding...seriously backwards shirts, come on guys pay attention...oh wait, I GET IT!!!


They had setup lunch in Laughing Dragon which was awesome to see open! I asked Neal if we could expect to see this location open this summer with the crowds heading to Superman and he told me not likely. =(


Seriously, we couldn't have STAGED a better picture. First thing you see when you walked in...ACERS EATING!!!!


Robb couldn't resist this amazing photo op!


Robb and Neal looking all badass in front of the newly improved ride going super fast!


It was a beautiful day at the mountain, hopefully you can all have weather this nice when you come ride the all new Superman!


On our way out we passed Gertrude once again, sulking around, seeking comfort in her friends. Hopefully she got her West Coast Bash ticket and we'll see her Saturday!

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After attending todays event I'll agree with Elissa in saying this is a huge improvement to the ride, and almost will dare to say I prefer it backwards to forwards. But will hold that comment until the day they switch one of the new cars around and we try out 104 mph forwards as well. Stephen and I aka "the freaks" were crazy enough to get there at 8:45am ish which landed us a spot on the first official ride, wearing our backwards and inside out T-shirts that were passed out. The best part about waiting around for our moment of glory, was that the one ride ended up being 7 in a row with the ride ops playing with launch patters and dueling the trains while the press hiked up the mountain for their rides. After they Escaped from Konfettie that is! All of the crews and guests in the station were having such a blast with jokes, chatting, and making the waiting go by faster it just really made the whole experience that more memorable and special. Just want to give a huge Thanks Magic Mountain for putting together such a great and fun event!


PS - did they really need to send us down and out on the Orient express, is walking really that hard?

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^I totally agree. The ride is great, but I don't want to say just yet that it's better BECAUSE it's turned backwards. It could be really kickass going forwards at full speed and dueling/racing as well! We haven't seen speeds like this in the last 15 years!!!


Can't wait till we have the option to ride it both ways!

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Spring Break can't come soon enough....


I'm really glad they did this. I never rode it when it first opened (hell, I wasn't even born yet!), but when I did take my first spin on it in 2002, it ended up just being an 'ok' attraction when compared to the other big thrills at the park. Now I won't have to risk a Snooki sighting or go to Ohio just to know what it feels like to go 100mph

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Cool report! That picture of Superman with the confetti is sexy hotness. The ride looks great, and I can't wait to ride it at WCB.


Gertrude tried her best to convince everyone that she was media, but sadly they didn't let her ride.


Looking pretty manly!


Gertrude left upset. It looks like we'll have to wait until West Coast Bash to see if she gets to ride.

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The media event was really fun. I got to ride seven times in a row for the main event. I had a total of ten rides!!! I also had the best seats for the ride all ten times three in the front and seven in the back. The front was by far the best as you could feel all of the speed, and g-forces. I hope I'm lucky enough to get to go to the green lantern event.

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It was a really fun event today. I am so glad I got to see in your video how long you all waited for us to go after they pushed the confetti button. We had been given the ok to ready but they took too long on the ground to give us the go and the ready timed out and they had to reset and recheck before we could go, it seems a lot longer from the ground point of view then it did for us on the ride.


Its a definite improvement having something to look at while you are up there than just the sky, although the things on the outside seats that feels like it is restraining half your body was a bit of a pain, I would always choose to sit in one of the two middle seats if given the chance. I rode on the outside seat 7 times in a row and was a bit claustrophobic!



PS - did they really need to send us down and out on the Orient express, is walking really that hard?


We walked down the back way anyway and nobody said anything, I think they wanted to funnel everyone back under the track but it seems like a waste of time to me to go that way.

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Great stuff you guys. It was good seeing you both for a bit today. Did anybody ever figure out who the announcer guy was?

On the same note, was this Bonnie Rabjohn's first public appearance?

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It's great to see SFMM was able to get this running up to prime again after along time being not up to speed for awhile. I remember when it opened in 97' and how everyone thought it wouldn't be beat. Man, if we could see how wrong we were then and see how rides are today, we'd be in for a world of shock.



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