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The Six Flags Magic Mountain (SFMM) Discussion Thread

Page 2228 - Wonder Woman Flight of Courage REAL POV!

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Ugh, one of my issues with the Flash Pass type systems is how much it substantially effects the GP line - especially on rides with such low capacity.


I probably won't be waiting in line to ride this when it first opens anyway, so I won't have to worry about it. But I still have sympathy for my fellow coaster enthusiasts who have to wait in line.

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Went to go check out the park today...


It's kind of funny to think that just one month ago there was snow covering the mountains behind the park...


And today...bright, sunny, and blue skies! (This is where I parked, BTW, so I wouldn't forget where the car was!)


Looks like one of the trams was attacked by the Skittles!


Translation... "It runs on farts."


Just in case you forgot what park you're at...they put up a sign! Hooray!


Today's theme at SFMM is dirt...lots of dirt.


The Roller Skater is actually underneath that giant dirt mount. When it opens, it will be called "Dirt: The Ride." (Not making this up!)


Everyone will have to wear a hard hat to enjoy "Dirt: The Ride".... they cost $8 each.


I'm told they are taking out this ride and putting in a B&M Wooden Pirate Ship. I wouldn't lie to you!


Thomas Town is now re-themed after the very popular Damon Wayans Super Hero flick, "Blankman"


New signs is the most exciting thing going on here.


More Blankman theming.


It's pronounced "Dee-pot"


What a great shot of that palm tree!


And another great palm tree shot!


Oh, this one's not so good.


Gotham City Backlot has been renamed "Backlot" ... or at least until they sort out what it can be called since I hear that in the DC world of comic book wackiness, Green Lantern is not allowed to live in "Gotham City."


"Ladder: The Ride" was getting a very extensive rehab.


The statue has been replaced by an orange spray painted wooden stake. I'm a fan!


I'm told by Neal that this dot is actually VERY VERY VERY important to Green Lantern. Can any one guess what it could be? The right guess will win a TPR Bag-O-Crap!


The old facade is STAYING! So all of you old dudes who can remember dancing here to The Go-Go's in the 1980s.... ROCK ON!


I just filled out the Mitch Hawker dirt poll and this one is my new #1 mound of dirt!


Is it just me or do you also see the silhouette of Queen Elizabeth II in that mound of dirt?


This mound of dirt was rougher than The Voyage. I ranked it dead last.


Anyway, facade staying...GOOD! Green Lantern on it's way...even BETTER!


The gates were added as part of the agreement to get their alcohol license. You can now get beer at Mooseburger lodge! I'm down!


Some improvements and clean up has been taking place as Tidal Wave. All the queue has been pressure washed and touched up...


And a few bits of theming have been added.


Awesome! KidTums plastic slide is considered an exotic vacation!




Mmmm....100 flavors of Coke!


Spot the difference! Before....




It has been confirmed...this sign is only temporary. Awww...it had really grown on me!


Deja Vu needs to kick the habit man...not sure who's in rehab more...Lindsey Lohan or Deja Vu! =)




New hotness on the Carousel! Can you spot it? You will be about 30 minutes after the park closes! ;)


This is the closest we could get to the Green Lantern track. You can't see anything from the guest areas, but you can see it while on Apocolator. It's green. Shocking, huh? =)


...and it looks like this.

(Photo courtesy of someone else...)

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Well now I know why the gates have been popping up at Six Flags Magic Mtn around the restaurants. Anyways, good update Robb. I'm really looking foreword to Green Lantern opening this Memorial Day Weekend.

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That was precisely what I came to write. If there's beer at SFMM, I can be my own ZacSpin, lines be damned!


Very apt, Insane was a near-drunk experience, easily simulated by actual drinking.


I did Insane after drinking a bottle of wine, since then, I've come to the conclusion they should be mutually exclusive experiences. How I managed not to soil Stockholm with a mighty retch after being drunk on Insane was a miracle.

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That was precisely what I came to write. If there's beer at SFMM, I can be my own ZacSpin, lines be damned!


I don't want to believe him because

a) Nothing was too serious in the update

b) The 'beer' photo mentioned Mooseburger Lodge, and the picture was not at Mooseburger Lodge

c) Beer would be too easy of a way for SFMM to make money

d) Beer would perpetuate SFMM's already rowdy reputation.


Then again, Knotts sells beer, they just don't make a big deal out of it. I am pretty sure most park guests don't even notice the beer place!

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Saw Robb chatting it up with Neil today... Didn't say hello because they were in conversation.

Much appreciated! We were doing a tour of the park and I really do appreciate you respecting our privacy. Now if you ever see me on my own taking pictures, please be sure to say hello!



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Lots of good updates Robb. Glad to hear there is still improvements going on. Did you experience a lot of the "SFMM old days" symptoms like you did when you went that other Sunday in January?

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Colossus is still down and the maintanence truck was out there.


Scream, Ninja, Revolution, Gold Rusher were all 1 training it. Last week Viper was 1 train but I didn't check for today.


Goliath + Batman + Tatsu were double training it.



The park did look beautiful today due to the little flowers falling all over the place. Was like walking around a Kung-Fu movie.

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