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The Six Flags Magic Mountain (SFMM) Discussion Thread

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I am curious if you are a licensed PE or SE to say this comment with so much ease?


Really, a drop tower can't be built at SFMM due to earthquake regulations?


Yeah, because the Sky Tower and Superman are tiny. Because Knott's doesn't have a drop tower. Because DCA didn't have a space shot.


Downtown LA ... US Bank Tower 1,018 feet = 10th tallest building in the US

San Francisco ... Transamerica Pyramid 853 feet = 32nd tallest building in the US


The reason SFMM doesn't have a drop tower is because they haven't chosen to build one. Not because of any regulations.

Just because you're a civil engineer doesn't give you the right to be so snarky towards someone on our forums. It might have been nice to get actually some insight from you instead of attitude.


And Joey is absoultely right. There are plenty of other locations in the world that are just as, if not more earthquake prone than Southern California. Hi, Blue Fall - a 330ft Intamin tower is not far from earthquake prone Tokyo.


And yes, the reason why there isn't a drop tower at SFMM is because they just haven't put one in yet.



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When is Super Bowl Sunday? Obviously I'm a big football fan...


I'm thinking about heading out there one of these Sundays. Unfortunately I have yard work to do tomorrow (that I should have done today), so that's my plan instead of a day at SFMM.



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do you think park will be busy on Superbowl Sunday? we are visiting from Australia ,was there in 2008 rode Tatsu and one other ride then daughter didnt feel well after Superman so only got to do Goliath after that as it was our last day in USA before flying home that night

Glad ypou guys are coming downunder i might happen to visit Luna Park in Melbourne when you guys get there as i have seen your trip reports you really know how to have fun

thanks Bill

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I have been on a Superbowl Sunday. I am a football fan but, if no team that I have a vested interest in is at the Superbowl, I really have no interest in the game.


In answer to your question, based on my knowledge, the crowds seemed pretty light.


This year, I will be watching the game.


Guy "Go Packers!" Koepp

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^I was gonna say the same but he said it was behind Terminator so he'd have to break the loose article policy and we wouldn't want that now would we?


And if anyone does, they will be banned from this site faster than Green Lantern can ZacSpin the puke out of them.

Edited by robbalvey
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