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The Six Flags Magic Mountain (SFMM) Discussion Thread

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^ LOL. They must have brought the snow with them from Utah, and for that, I say thank you Alvey's!


Utah has plenty to spare right now! lol


I think it is great to see some snow at Magic Mountain. That is the first time I have seen snow on the tracks at the park, even if it is a light amount.

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It is very strange seeing snow falling at the park! I'm not at all shocked to hear that the park closed early, the fact is that SFMM is not prepared for any amount of snow. The last time that I recall any measurable snow in the area was 1989 (I may be slightly off on the year, I would have been 4 and this is one of the earlier memories that I have). I'm hoping that a TPR member was at the park with a camera because I would love to see a few more pictures!

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Just a quick (stupid) question. I've always thought SFMM was open all year round, but now I see that it's closed on weekdays in September 2011. Is this likely to change, or is this the way it has been the past few years?

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^Won't change.


The park pretty much has this schedule for the year:


Jan - Mar = Weekends and Holidays only

Late Mar - Labor Day = Daily Operation

Labor Day - Xmas Break - Weekends and Holidays Only

Xmas Break = Daily

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Now here is something you don't see everyday...


Six Flags Magic Mountain with a beautiful snow capped mountain range as the backdrop!


Click on the image to get the larger size...



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^^Nice pics, Robb!


When was the last time you saw those mountains snow capped like that?


I know you were asking Robb ... but ...


THAT amount of snow, and the fact that it's actually stuck around for awhile, it's gotta be at least 20 years I'd say. I think I may have been in HS the last time it happened, and I graduated in 1993.


You will generally get lower elevation snow in the mountains above Santa Clarita, the Grapevine closes a half-dozen times per year, maybe up to Canyon Country and obviously up through Acton, Palmdale, etc ... but to get it in Valencia like THAT is rare.

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When was the last time you saw those mountains snow capped like that?

I honestly can't remember! Here is how rare of a sight it is...it's already gone!


There is a bit of snow on the VERY TOP of the mountains, but anything lower is pretty much gone. I think I've seen those tops capped once or twice, but seeing it on the lower mountains is very, very rare.


Like I said, on my drive home from lunch I just took, almost all the snow is gone.



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