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The Six Flags Magic Mountain (SFMM) Discussion Thread

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But, they are saying that the snow level for this next storm will be down to 2000 feet ... which means it's going to be a COLD storm. While it won't snow at SFMM, there could be ice and the later in the morning the rain stops, the more likely that the park will be closed. According to the Weather Channel, rain at SFMM is supposed to last until about 2:00 tomorrow.


Thursday is probably the better bet. I'm going to head up for a few hours to get a last use from my pass since I'm not planning on going back to the park until WCB.

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I'll probably go on Friday. I guess they're not doing the New Years event this year, as the park is still closing at 6 pm. I've been trying to get to the park for the past couple months, but it seems like it always rains on the weekends or I have other plans. I don't think I've been since WCB, so I'm looking forward to getting one last use out of my 2010 pass.


On that note, are there any good deals on 2011 season passes, aside from the buy 4, get Hurricane Harbor free thing? I'm thinking I might buy the $125 Xtreme Pass and get the renewing out of the way while I'm there.

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^ No deals that I'm aware of. And just a note, if you got all of the Funatics awards, the last one was 25% off of your 2011 pass. However, if you're getting the Xtreme pass, the discount doesn't apply. But no biggie---it pays for itself in no time and is already underpriced in my opinion.


I was at SFMM last Sunday and renewed my pass for 2011. Apparently, according to one person I spoke to, they've closed the season pass office inside the park and are only using the one outside on the right just past the metal detectors.



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One other thing that has improved is that the season pass coupon books are already here. For the past couple of years, they weren't available till late January or later. Mine is here at home waiting to be used, and it isn't even 2011 yet!


About Thrill Shot, I haven't heard any more about it, but the last few times I've been to the park, it isn't up and running, and I don't recall seeing anything about pricing to ride it like there is for the Cyclone 500 go-karts and Dive Devil.



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One other thing that has improved is that the season pass coupon books are already here. For the past couple of years, they weren't available till late January or later. Mine is here at home waiting to be used, and it isn't even 2011 yet!

Really? Thats odd..When I was a the park earlier this month, I went to guest regulations to ask when the books will be released and they said not until March.. strange..

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I doubt this is all due to the weather. Weber and his glorious cuts..

Has anyone heard anything about the new park president Bonnie Rabjohn? It's still pretty early to determine her ... intentions (that's not the word i'm looking for, but you get the picture).

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Soo if you bought your pass online and went the next day with the print out, would that be your ticket in?


No, if you bought your pass online you take your printout right to the season pass office that is next to HH's entrance. Since you did it online you don't have to wait in line to buy it and fill out your information. So the online people can just go right in the office and get there picture taken to get there pass. Then you can go in the park.


I had once taken my online print out and got into the park with it. And then I went over to the office inside the park to get my picture taken to get my pass. The inside office was also for if you were in the park and you wanted to upgrade to a pass then you would go there. Now they realise that it was pointless to have two offices, expecially since the inside one was kind of hidden in a corner. So they just have the one thats outside.

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Visited the park yesterday, and the crowds were unbelievable!! 30-40 minute wait for Revolution!?!?!? My friend and I managed our time, though, and got on all the coasters except Terminator and Scream. All in all, it was a pretty good day. Superman's emergency track behind the station is getting a little love, and the rails back there are being painted, the original car was still on the right track (Sorry, no pictures), and Sierra Falls is history. The land where Sierra Falls is is just a mound of dirt (if you haven't heard already). Riddler's line was just obnoxious, with the line almost completely full, and the single rider line down both flights of stairs, and out the door!!!

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Went to the park today to get some post "Rainpocalypse" photos, and I'm absolutely shocked the park was able to even open. The amount of damage from the rain is insane.



Oh, and Superman doesn't look any different.


The rain washed the Toy Soldiers shells away, leaving just the cagey insides.


All of the Thomas Town signs are most likely washed out to the Pacific Ocean by now



Thomas' face got so wet, it just disappeared from the train


The store had to close up shop due to the storm damage


Not even water rides are safe. Sierra Falls looks to have sustained the most damage.



And Log Jammer had to close until Spring due to the rain



We had to jump over raging rivers to get around


And big canyons of crumpled earth caused by the rain


It was so bad, it washed away all the color on Scream


And caused it to only be able to run only 1 train on a fairly busy day


Over at Colossus, Rainpocalypse has turned into Leafmageddon


Batman sprung a leak


It was so bad, we had to go through a Storm Drain to get to the ride


Batman drowned and turned blue


But not all of the rain was a bad thing, new trees have sprouted up in Pistachio Park ... I hope these are actually pistachio trees?

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