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The Six Flags Magic Mountain (SFMM) Discussion Thread

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Six Flags Magic Mountain is now EXTREMELY worth going to! 18 roller coasters! Amazing! The only theme park in the world to have more then 1 multi-dimension roller coaster! The Intamin looks so much fun! I can't wait to get on that thing! It is kind of ironic because just this morning, I was complaining about how the United States has no ZacSpin! The coaster looks like a lot of fun so it struck me odd! Now SFMM has the First Intamin ZacSpin in the United States! It is now going a very busy park with coaster nerds around the country!



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I will say this - after watching the video, Six Flags Magic Mountain sure *feels* like it's gone back to the "Pre-Shapiro" days. It's like the XTREME PARK is back!


I have to be honest, I'm not 100% sure that's a good thing.


While I don't agree that "family rides" was the way to go (there isn't ever anyone in Thomas Town), You do remember that the park started to turn itself around and really focused on infrastructure and cleaning up the place? Let's just hope that doesn't yet again get over shadowed with XTREME RIDES!!!

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I checked closely in the animation, and it looks like Tidal Wave is staying, you can see in the video (picture below, it's blurred but you can sorta make out Tidal Wave) that it is in the location of the former freefall ride.


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Terminator was so much better with the soundtrack! It was so well done and was completely epic! Why would any theme park take away something so beloved and beautiful such as the soundtrack to Terminator?


They can take out Tidal Wave! The ride itself is really lame in the fact that the ride itself does not get you wet At ALL! In order to get wet you have to stand on the bridge. Take out Tidal Wave! The Green Lantern is going to be so much better!


Personally, knowing that Tidal Wave may be taken out, I believe that the Green Lantern should have been placed where the freefall ride was. That are still has gates and paving (of course it is overgrown), but it is obvious that something used to be built in that place and it is ugly! The

Green Lantern should have been built so that it could occupy that strip of land and also be built around the Riddler's Revenge. Riddler's used to travel above the freefall track. Why not create a ZacSpin that Riddler travels through. Maybe design the ZacSpin to have the big dip that Inferno or Kirnu has at its finale, but build it as big as Insane and have Riddler's travel through that hole of the dip! That would be cool!


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Wow...this isn't quite what I expected. However, I think it will work well for the park. If you break it down:


Superman: Escape from Krypton-The old Superman The Escape was never a ride that I considered to be that exciting, but this version looks better. I'm guessing that it's line could possibly rival X2's line due to the lower capacity, even with both tracks running. However, I definitely want to go ride it once it opens and see how it is. The backwards cars look interesting, but I don't think they will make the ride the best in the park. It does look like it goes higher, which is a plus, but I don't know how easy it will be to notice that while actually on the ride.


Kids Coaster-The name is very disappointing, and sounds like something Cedar Fair will do. Either way, if they can get a 36" height restriction on this one it will be an excellent family ride, and will keep young children entertained while their older siblings ride Terminator and Deja Vu.


Green Lantern-This one came out of nowhere. I've nver been on a ZacSpin, but they look like good rides. Not necessarily the best, but I'm sure it will be fun, although I would have preferred a Dive Machine or Eurofighter. I don't know what type of height restriction this will have, but it doesn't look that insane so it seems almost like a medium-intensity coaster, which is something the park could use. I'm sure it will have a massive line due to low capacity, but I still can't wait to ride it.


This expansion looks like it will add three coaster experiences...one for kids, one for thrill seekers, and one for everyone (depending on height restriction). It will do well to balance out the park, and will hopefully secure the park's coaster count so they can start adding non-coaster rides. For 2012, I want to see a drop tower of some sort.


Even though I live an hour and a half away, it looks like next year might be the first year I get a SFMM season pass.


Also, for the person who asked, SFMM usually opens new rides Memorial Day weekend or slightly before. I just hope this doesn't turn out to be another 2001 where one of the three opened on time, the second was delayed until August, and the third didn't open until the next year. Fortunately, all of these are proven concepts so it should go off without a hitch. Can't wait to get pictures of all of these at WCB this year, and maybe, if SFMM is quick, one of them will be ready by then for us to try.

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This is great news. One question though: How accomodating are the ZacSpin coasters for larger riders? Just for point of comparison, I have a build fairly similar to Robb, but I'm a little bigger overall. (He's been far more successful with his attempts at weight loss than I have)

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The Superman makeover was expected, but Green Lantern is very surprising. My experiences with the ZacSpins: I only had one ride on Insane at Gronalund (same layout shown for Green Lantern) due to a long-ish line, but I wasn't too impressed. I just felt like I was getting tossed around, and didn't enjoy the crotch smashing. However, I have heard a lot of praise for it from others, so it might've been partly due to the variation between rides, as it depends a lot on weight is distribution. Also, I think the backwards facing seats might be safer, as the crotch smashing usually seemed to happen when hitting the final brakes. I've also had a couple rides on Kirnu, and in contrast, I really enjoyed it's crazy weird drops, despite the much shorter layout. Anyways, while I'm not yet totally decided on ZacSpins, it does seem like a great fit for the park, as it provides a very unusual experience each time, it has a small footprint, and the theme fits the ride.


And Superman looks pretty cool. I'm glad they're doing something to improve what was otherwise a somewhat pointless ride. I like that Six Flags is starting to take the approach of fixing what's broken, instead of just installing something new.


Anyways, despite what seems like some negativity, I'm very excited with this announcement. After 2001 I'd never expected we'd see anyone crazy enough to add 3 coasters in a year (or somewhere between 2-4, depending on your whorishness). It's obviously not fitting so much with their attempted family-friendly park image, but if they can keep up the quality of the rest of the park, I won't complain, as this is probably a better direction for them. I even like the names (except maybe the kiddie coaster, but I really could care less). Plus, unlike 2001, this time their 3 coasters are all a much safer, smarter, cheaper investment, as they aren't installing a set of massive, expensive prototypes. I never thought I'd say this, but I think Six Flags knows what they're doing.

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I remember at WCB them saying they like to break records and they are working with Intamin I believe haha! Well finally something has come from that. I think it is a great addition. They already have the cables up to paint SM too when I went to work this weekend. I was like WTH? Cant wait!

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