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The Six Flags Magic Mountain (SFMM) Discussion Thread

Page 2218 - Wonder Woman Roller Coaster for 2022!

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now i am not happy that it is torn down or sad. I see a lot of people want rides removed, why? just dont stand in line. someone likes it.


That was one of the problems, nobody would ride the ride. The ride needed 14 rider to run and they had a hard time trying to get 14 riders to ride the ride.


i just want them to put more coasters not take away.


That is SFMM major problem, they have WAY too many coaster than they can handle. If the removal of the two roughest rides means park improvements I am all for it.

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Diana and I are planning to go to SFMM tomorrow, so I'll bring my camera. If the Sky Tower is open, I'll try to get some pictures.


However, I'm sure there are plenty of pictures already floating around out there...



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what does too many coasters mean? i dont hear anyone saying that about cedar point. i said i am not happy or sad. i dont care but i do know that there is no such thing as too many coasters and that family ride mess is silly. families ride coasters also dont u all let shapiro brainswash u all hell he doesnt want to spend the money that it takes to put another real coaster. six flags will never compete with disney no one will ever so just get the kiddies when they get too old for disney because they all do. just fix the parks and make the employess move their arses and load and run all trains at all times and that will cure the slump in business not trying to get some of disneys fame cause it is nt gonna happen. cedar point is a coaster park and it is doing well so i dont buy that adding kiddie parts to six flags parks is gonna boost business no six flgas is a rollercoaster park always has been always will be.

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^ 17 roller coasters IS too many roller coasters for one park. Magic Mountain and Cedar Point both alike. Just THINK for a second about that number. SEVENTEEN. More than half of which at Magic Mountain and Cedar Point are considered large to very large.


It may be subjective in a way, but there really is no denying such a thing as too many roller coasters in one park. Cedar Point doesn't get criticized as much for this because they are capable of managing all 17 and keep them all open, well-staffed, and at good capacity. In addition, Cedar Point's non-coaster ride lineup adaquetely balances out the number of coasters they have to offer. The same can't be said for Magic Mountain.

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According to a story done by LA DAILY NEWS (3/3/07), Magic Mountain is doing the following for 2007:


- Resurfacing and restriping their parking lot.


- Introducing a Coldstone Creamery.


- KODAK will be responsible for all in-park photography services.


- Introducing Nintendo Wii console preview/gaming area(s).


- Refurbishing Grand Carousel (we know this was completed recently)


- Removing Psyclone and Flashback (I know, I know, old news )


* Park spokeswoman Sue Carpenter confirmed that no Wiggles World or Thomas & Friends areas will be introduced in the park this year, but that management is working on bringing those to the park in the near future. So I think it's safe to assume what Magic Mountain will introduce in 2008.


* Nothing was mentioned in regards to a Johnny Rockets or Johnny Rockets Express going into Magic Mountain this year as Mark Shapiro said would happen in a live conference call to investors on 1/12/07. However, they may have not announced it yet, so this may still pull through this season.



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Lets just say Colossus isn't going anywhere, or getting rid of any blocks.


But I agree with the thought of better flats coming in. Thats the one thing I always mention when talking about the recent Magic Mountain changes




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Its funny, everyone wants the double down back. No doubt that removing the midcourse would esthetically clean up the ride, but I don’t think it really added much to the ride experience. If anything were to come back, I would want the original profiling of the ride to return. Well, at least the original double up. Oh, and new trains as well.

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They might aswell return the double down. I doubt they will run three trains on a side anytime soon.


Overall, the ride needs a tremendous overhaul. It hurts and feels like it will just collapse any minute.

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Here are a few pics from a little backstage tour we got today.


Photos by Max Taylor


RIP Psyclone - gone and already forgotten!


This is certainly a step in the right direction for the park.


Make way for something new and better!


Station and everything....PAVED!!!


Psyclone is now firewood!


Overview shot. GONE!!! Totally GONE!!!




Seriously....will anyone REALLY miss it?



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Today? But Kristen was just born! Then again, maybe she probably IS in an incubator...


Oh well, anyway...as I was going to say...




I can't wait to see it in person in exactly ONE week!



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