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The Six Flags Magic Mountain (SFMM) Discussion Thread

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Darn.. just when I thought I had the inside scoop. To be honest, I'm not too familiar with the ride or the trains as I haven't ridden it. From the tower I thought I was looking at metal brackets that are usually on OTSRs. Oh well. Regardless, nobody was working on the ride.


As far as not riding it, I need more of a thrill than going partially up a 400 foot tower of steel, only tocome right back down.


X2's audio...yeah... Odd..just not exciting or adrenaline-pumping. X2's standard audio does much more for the overall experience.


I'm on my droid so I apologize for errors.

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Of course the maintenance department doesn't mind, it's just one less ride they have to inspect before the day begins.


That's actually not true. They still have to do all their manufacturer required inspections/maintenance, otherwise the ride won't be allowed to open when it finally is ready.

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^They inspect rides when they are closed? I could see them inspecting a ride that closes for a few days, but doing a daily inspection of a ride that hasn't been open in 2 or 3 months?


I don't know the manufacturer's specifications or state code, but that would seem like a big waste of time.


I mean, did they inspect Flashback everyday when it was closed for the majority of the year?

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I'm sure Flashback got some maintenance right after it closed, but once it was determined that it wasn't going to reopen, my guess is that it didn't.


Although, I would think they'd have to test the structural integrity to make sure it's not going to fall down.


Same probably applies to the Metro track. They aren't testing the ride controls to be sure, but I'm sure they have to check the support beams and the track periodically to make sure they are stable.


Of course, I could also be talking out of my ass and it get's inspected daily.

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My Girlfriend got stung by a Bee a couple years ago while riding Scream! Got her right on the stomach! I noticed her crying around the time we hit the MCBR, pretty funny.




I have never had bee problems at SFMM, but I don't think I have ever been there at this time of the year.

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^While it would be nice if they could build a nice terrain hugging coaster, building on top of the mountain isn't exactly a bad thing either. IMO, half of the reason Tatsu is so amazing is because it's so high above the park and gives stunning views throughout the whole ride (and the Pretzel loop is mind blowing, yum). So if they could build an Intamin rocket, maybe it could work out well on top of the hill.

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Six Flags Magic Mountain to open 3 New Coaster Experiences in 2011

A new promotional video for SFMM’s 2011 plans has been discovered, announcing THREE (3) new coasters coming to the park in 2011. Superman: The Escape will now be called Superman: Escape from Krypton, and does indeed feature backwards trains with a new paintjob on the tower. The top third looks to be all red, with the rest blue, with yellow rails throughout. The big surprise however is next… Green Lantern is coming. Yes, a large green and black coaster is going in the shadow of Batman and Riddler that will be America’s first Intamin ZacSpin. The themeing is very appropriate and looks awesome. Along with the tentatively named “Kids Coaster” coming in 2011 (I guess it really wont be called Mr. Six’s Dance Coaster anymore.) the video ends by pointing out that The Mountain “Recaptures the Coveted Thrill Park Crown” with a record-setting 18 roller coasters. More than any other park on the planet. Go big at SFMM in 2011 for the park’s 40th Anniversary. God Bless Six Flags… they’ve done right by SFMM once again as we say hello to Project 18.




Green Lantern zacspin


Superman Escape from Krypton

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All I can say is, dang, that came out of left field! Well not really, Robb hinted at a vertical/beyond vertical drop. I've always been intrigued by Zac Spins so I'm definitely looking forward to riding this! Now that I think of it, didn't we give some guy a ton of crap for posting the Zac Spin rumor on Screamscape? I guess we owe him an apology...

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