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The Six Flags Magic Mountain (SFMM) Discussion Thread

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^ That's why the park installed the pay-per-use locked cubbies. The idea was to have guests stow their stuff before they ever got to the loading platform, thus eliminating the need to run and put stuff on the side, etc. No one is willing to part with a dollar, but they're willing to risk losing their stuff, having it stolen, or trying to hold it on the ride---the latter of which makes no sense whatsoever because you can't enjoy your ride when you're concerned about hanging onto your stuff.


I really don't get it.



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The only rides that I know of that have single rider right now are Revolution, Riddler, and Viper. But there mabey more. Because they have been adding them back in this year.


^Should be around moderate mabey less, so you don't need a Flashpass if you know what your doing.


What the hell.. I was a single rider on Riddler back in late june and I had to wait in line with the group riders. I missed the first half or so of the BMX,skateboard,dirtbike show due to the wait.

They just recently re-added the Single Riders Line to Riddlers Revenge.

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Re bunnies: I usually just buy one locker that i leave everything but my wallet in, then change lockers half way through the day so i can check my phone. That way I only spend 2 bucks for the day on lockers. 2 dollars for all that fluffyness? I think its worth it.



Re p18: I still think its an 800 ft. Hyper coaster. Ill stick with my ideas until proven wrong.



Re Dreamworld: Im pretty stoked for wcb 2011. Hoping to see those trains facing backwards on Superman. Most definitely worth the whiplash

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And it's not like an employee can tell someone to hurry up


You can in Germany. I saw one of the groupers on Blue Fire at Europa Park literally banging his fist on the top of a trash can telling the guests to hurry the hell up and get into their assigned rows.


Is it any wonder why Europa has the best operations in the world?

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^ Exactly. But to answer his question, no, Intamin has not given up on lap bars. They just don't make sense for this project. Unless the park wants all their riders to come off the ride and pee blood.

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