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The Six Flags Magic Mountain (SFMM) Discussion Thread

Page 2228 - Wonder Woman Flight of Courage REAL POV!

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Has the audio been removed from the trains on Terminator? Thought I read that somewhere and if it was removed, why?


That's kinda old news, it's been gone for awhile. It pretty much never worked right and the speakers have been replaced with diamond plate panels. I think WCB may have been one of the last times it worked.

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Does anyone have a list of Xtreme Play Pass restaurant discounts? I was denied again Thursday, this time at Wascal's (the fast food place between Thomas Town and High Sierra Territory). This is a generic Six Flags place, and I'm sure it is included in the discount program. It isn't worth arguing with a clueless, poorly trained cashier, and the line at Guest Services was longer than I cared to wait when I passed by. The park should have a hand-out for guests, or print the terms right on the pass. In spite of the huge improvement I've seen in the past few years, there's still room for improvements on the customer service side.


I have no idea what food places work or what places don't work. They had denied me once at the waterfont (accross from goldrusher), then on my next visit they accepted it. But places that it has worked for me at least once are Mooseburger, Katy's kettle, panda, pizza vector, longhorns and the waterfront. Yeah some (not all) of the employees there are really stupid and horrible.


Back in april I had once shown the person at longhorns my pass for the discount and they said I needed a premium pass and that the xtreme does not get the discount. After "debating" with them for a little bit, I demaned them to get me there supervisor. And she cleared it up. BTW I didn't know there was such thing as a premium pass for MM.

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To the best of my knowledge, SFMM only has the regular season pass and the Xtreme pass. I do know that Longhorn's doesn't accept the pass for the discount, but I've never had it denied anywhere else in the park. Sometimes, though, the employees don't know how to ring up the discount and have had ask their supervisor.


Sometime in the next four to six months we should know what's taking place up on the mountain.



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It's been a while since we did a lap of the park and posted an update. In fact, I don't think we've posted any official SFMM updates since West Coast Bash! Today served to kill two birds with one stone...doing a SFMM update and testing out the camera on our new iPhone 4. Since we are heading out on the road next week for the Middle America tour we wanted to see how well the photos looked uploaded directly to Facebook and the videos looked uploaded directly to YouTube. So below is not only an update from Magic Mountain, but the results of our test!






Here are the two videos I shot testing out the iphone 4's video capabilities. Note that when you upload a video directly from your phone to YouTube, it does not upload in HD (Unless you have the PixelPipe app which I still need to get!):





We haven't done an update from SFMM in a while. Let's take a quick visit and see how they are doing...


In the theme of everything getting advertising wrappers even the parking booths got some. Hey, at least they got painted! ;)


And here is the empty booth because parking attendant left to go get his lead because he had no idea what an Xterme Pass was. *sigh*


Wow! Hurricane Harbor packing them in!


Lots of rafts out of commission.


Looks like all the ticket booths have been upgraded with flat screens!


Hey look! New store!


Some things never need changing!


Noted! And will do!


We see you old Wizards castle peeking through the trees!


KidTums says "It's frog hopper time!"


Hmm...it's not really a "line" but more like a confusing mass of people.


KidTums rides Canyon Blaster!


There was only one person in front of us when we got in line. There ended up being 8 people who line jumped us not including the two people who came in the exit and jumped in a plane. There wasn't a single ride we rode today that we didn't get line jumped at.


Hooray! Plane ride!!!


Hmmm....This sure is interesting...


Seems they have cleared the land that Sierra Twist used to sit on. Now I wonder why they would do that?


Now that's a good idea!


If there isn't a line for Thomas on a Saturday afternoon in July...when does this ride ever get busy???


"Nobody likes me....aww....."




I have this sudden urge to chew gum.


Look! A KidTums friendly ride!


Buccaneer is KidTums approved!


What could be going on with Superman?


Hopefully they'll turn this thing around into something really cool in 2011'


I'm very curious to see that the changes are when Superman comes Back. Words cannot contain my excitement!


More new stores!!!


Somewhere Bryan and Adam's heads just exploded!


I don't even know which one to choose!


The Robb & Elissa coined "egg turn!"


The ghost of Psyclone still haunts the park.


"Please excuse our mess...Mr. Six kinda trashed the joint!"


Now THAT is a big umbrella!


I spy with my brown eye something that looks different.


That's right. All the speakers have been removed from Terminator's seat backs.


The casings still exist in the front seat but it's been reported that the audio has been gone since the Monday after West Coast Bash.


Take The Tunnel is no more. :(


At least the fire still works!


GCI airtime!!!


Fluffy, fluffy bunnies filled with medicine and goo!


We see you troll of Magic Mountain's past!


The old Crazy Barrels looks like it's now an outdoor vending staging area.


Time for a snack at Johnny Rockets snakes and pies!!! (And yes we used our Discover card, and yes we instantly saved 5%!)


Although would have been nice if there were napkins.


Strike two. Seriously, for the entire 15 minutes we were at this location...there were no napkins!


It game time! (see, we support our local parks!)


KidTums wins!!!


"I love my new pet frog!" (and thank you to the awesome games staff today!)


Mr. Six out dancin' with the hotties!!!


The management clean up crew is out in full force. (And the park does look VERY clean, BTW!)


And now for the "Fierce Creatures" part of the update. (For those of you who have seen the movie you'll know what I'm talking about!)


Mmm yummy beef jerky.


This one is like an advertising double whammy!


"If you're waiting to ride a lamppost??!!" WTF!


Wait...when did they make a movie out of TPR trips???


Yummy Skittles!


It IS time for Tim's




Does it have as nice of a camera as the iPhone 4?


It's a juicy contraception.


YAY! Super Hero cape sale!!!


"Hey Six Flags Great Adventure fan boys...How's it going?" :)


Season pass processing office was as efficient as ever! Great job guys!


Did we mention how we think Hurricane Harbor is a very under rated water park? We highly recommend it!


Venom Drop! Amazing!!!


Bye bye Six Flags Magic Mountain. Thank you for an entertaining afternoon!

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Awesome update!


The iPhone 4 media looks great!


Line Cutting - Must have been European day!


Coke Machine - I am definitely visiting really soon. That looks so awesome!


Terminator - At least I got to hear it's dying breaths at WCB!


Lampost!? Maybe they were advertising to strippers? They are trying to be all-inclusive now


Great Report, thanks for all the updates. You've convinced me to visit before or after the Disneyland 1/2 marathon in a few weeks!

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Snakes and fries....ride a lamp post .....lol


The gum steps look really cool!


That ride a lamp post pic is my new phone wallpaper


As for the Terminator audio, I'm finally going to ride it for the first time in a couple of weeks, if only I had gone to WCB......stupid work!

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The last time I was at the park, I stopped in to check out Studio 6F---mostly because I wanted to see how they can cook up over 100 flavors out of that soda machine. Turns out that you can mix flavored syrups into your soda. So you can get, say, a Diet Coke, but mix in orange, cherry, raspberry, or a few others.


I'm pleased to see that they're still working hard to keep the park clean. That really makes a difference.


So now, SFMM has the only Six Flags Arrow megacoaster left of the three originally built in 1988-1990. Hopefully it'll be around for awhile longer, as it's actually been running very well in my opinion.



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So now, SFMM has the only Six Flags Arrow megacoaster left of the three originally built in 1988-1990. Hopefully it'll be around for awhile longer, as it's actually been running very well in my opinion.




Viper is running well but when I went on it for the first time in April (it has always been closed before) I did not expect such brutal headbanging.


But GASM and Viper hold a special place in my heart as my childhood favorite coasters.

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I have found that most people who seem to love Viper almost exclusively ride in the front seat of the back two cars.


I've actually ridden it a few times over the past 12 month in other cars, and I'll be honest, it can really beat you up.


Yeah, those two seats, for whatever reason, have always been kind of the "magic Arrow seats", as though the rides were almost designed for those seats, but almost anywhere else, especially towards the front of the train on Viper, it can be quite a head basher.



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I actually enjoy riding Viper in the very front row. Going up into the first loop is a rush. Yeah, some parts of the ride are a little rough but nothing too brutal. The one part I always brace for is the turn before entering the corkscrews, and that seems worse to me if I'm towards the middle or back of the train. I get bashed far worse on Revolution in any seat of any train that I've ever sat in. (since installation of the OTSRs) Long live Viper!


Nice report and the photos look fine. Obviously not Hanno quality or anything, but perfectly serviceable nonetheless.

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First off, some of the pictures look washed out, not sure if this is a settings thing or a camera thing. Just thought I'd give you a honest opinion. The ones that look good look really good, wouldn't know they were from a cell camera.


Ok, loved the report, I usually just pass by Magic Mountain reports, because there are so many, but you had alot of pictures most people probably wouldn't take.


Oh, and I've always liked viper. I know people say its rough, but I really have never had it be that bad. I guess really i like loops, so Viper is right up my alley.

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I never experienced any roughness on Viper. And i only once experienced a head-banging on revolution because i went on the front. But it was at 9:00 so no worries. ;D


I think that after riding Psyclone in 04', every other ride that is considered bumpy by people, is NOT bumpy to me. lol.





BTW, does anyone know what seats are good for getting air time on Viper's drop? I got it once and it felt soooo good. I had the sensation in my mental and muscle memory the whole day. Better than any other airtime I have gotten.

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I'm very curious to see that the changes are when Superman comes Back. Words cannot contain my excitement!


I spy some secret messages...


Cool PTR too. I didn't know the iPhone took some decent looking video clips. And if Viper is anything like Scream Machine, I would agree that the back two seats are really the only good seats. Hopefully Viper will live longer to see a more prosperous future.

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First off, some of the pictures look washed out, not sure if this is a settings thing or a camera thing. Just thought I'd give you a honest opinion. The ones that look good look really good, wouldn't know they were from a cell camera.

I totally see that too. It wasn't really a test to see if it would be a replacement for a real camera, but to see how much better quality it was than the old 3G iPhone, which, for example, took THESE photos.


It's certainly an improvement, that's for sure, but at the end of the day it's still a cell phone camera.



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BTW, does anyone know what seats are good for getting air time on Viper's drop? I got it once and it felt soooo good. I had the sensation in my mental memory the whole day. Better than any other airtime I have gotten.


Just sit in the very back row. Once the front of the train gets off the lift, it whips you over and down that steep turnaround. Vipers first drop is actually my favorite part of the ride. The front seat bumps you around pretty good though, especially the turnaround after the loop...its just going too darn fast.


I don't see the attraction to launching the S:TE backwards, if it does happen, mostly because I think the ride should run the way it was intended before it has anything else done to it. Meaning it should actually go 100mph. Maybe that will be fixed as well if they decide to reverse one of the cars on the ride?


I dunno, I used to love Superman, but I really wish they'd just demo it and start from scratch.

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